It is worth going up to the roof to immediately enter your own park, which floats in the cloudsabove the city. In the warm season, green alleys are at your service for relaxing in the fresh air and the panoramic platform, which offers an incredible view of the central part of Kyiv. Free access to this level place is open only to residents of the complex and their guests. Apartment owners now have a place for family walks in the fresh air, a space for picnics or sports, a lounge where you can hold both a party for friends and a meeting with partners.

A majestic house in the historic center of Kyiv, built for gourmets of stylish and luxurious life. A world of its own, located in the middle of the business and cultural life of the capital. The key feature of the layout is panoramic windows, through which a flow of light, air and freedom flows. From here, a majestic panorama of the modern and ancient cities of Kia and Horiv opens before your eyes. Royal Tower combines the romance of old Kyiv and the dynamics of a European metropolis.

This landscape project offers maximum development and aesthetic and comfortable space that will gain the ability to connect with the unique beauty of the environment, complementing its unique elements.

Creating the landscape of the recreation complex, the main goal was creating a separate comfort and peace spot, no hindering, but emphasizing the charming view of the surrounding houses’ roofs. Using natural materials, such as stone, will be emphasized by individual landscape patterns The green roof is a separate composition, enhancing the overall impression of the entire complex.

The general landscape theme can offer a mixture of a natural style with hint of Japanese minimalism.

Location: 01333 Kyiv, Ukraine, Saksaganskoho Street, 37-K

Design year: 2016

Year Completed: 2019


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