Sadro is located in the city of Puebla, a LEED vertical mixed-use complex. We designed and built a landscape architecture project where the concept was to generate a green oasis, which is visually permeable from the exterior, and embraced by vegetated sponged slopes in the interior. The level of the lawn was depressed, and the trees were raised to accentuate a sense of immersion. Complemented by compositions that play with a language of replicas and dualities.

The garden was built over 3 parking levels; implementing several green roof techniques in which we generated multiple layers for waterproofing, drainage, anti-root, slope generation, lightening, geotextiles for sand and moisture retention, a drip irrigation network with harvested rainwater (buried and without evaporation loss) with controllers and sensors that will save up to 60% in water consumption. The turf is heavy-duty and, along with the rest of the extensive plant palette, is low water consumption and maintenance. It complies with LEED criteria and SEMARNAT’s non-invasive species list. It is important to mention that we generate attraction of pollinators, like butterflies and hummingbirds.

In the exteriors we planted road and wall planters, as well with a low water consumption and maintenance and continuing with the same lighting and irrigation. We intervened some interiors with shade plants, generating a contrasting jungle environment; for example, in the swimming pool, a curtain of hanging plants is generated towards the double height.

The playground is made of pine logs up to 30cm thick and 3m high. As it is located at the main entrance and surrounded by views, we proposed a sober, elegant and sculptural design, a dry forest that integrates multiple games. The chopsticks composition distributes the horizontal movements in the anchors. Everything is depressed 50cm to corral the children, and has a sand bed to cushion any falls. We designed and made the stainless steel slides, only the swing was purchased.

The planters mimic the mound-islands of the main garden, a versatile composition of cylindrical planters; adding the materiality of apparent concrete and green terrazzo. In the L+1 we placed 10 giant tree pots, 1/2 ton each. The verticality of the trees plays with the skyline of the towers, and with the time they’ll be seen more from below. The forestation repeats the one of the main garden, meanwhile the gardening preserves and adds several more that need more sunlight.

We complemented the set with a tzalam pergola inspired by textile stitching; garbage cans, stone benches, and a bird drinking fountain. We also carried out the outdoor landscape lighting, highlighting forestation and using it as indirect and diffuse light, framing accesses and turning the pergola into a Chinese lamp.

Architecture offices involved in the design: UHA London + Serrano Monjaraz

Location: Puebla, Mexico

Design year: 2021

Year Completed: 2022


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