Sagaponack Garden

Adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, the Sagaponack Garden evokes the spirit and luxury of an exotic outdoor resort. The neutral tones of the hardscape set against lush green plantings establish a calming color palette. The garden is organized along one major axis that extends from the main house to the back of the property. Spurring from this central axis is a sequence of spaces starting with a ground-covered apple orchard that leads to a variety of outdoor rooms each with its own unique function. These small scale spaces are unified by their shared focus on an expansive infinity-edge swimming pool. The terminus of the garden’s central axis is anchored by a heavy timber wood arbor that shelters a luxurious space filled with custom seating, fireplace, pendant lights, and a hidden sound system, all of which are shrouded by canvas curtains. The arbor is centered on a sight line that stretches the full extent of the property to a distant view of the ocean. The spaces within Sagaponack garden are comfortable in scale for two or twenty people and detailed with a focus on luxury and relaxation.



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