Salviapark and Magnoliapark Waalwijk by

2024 Public Projects / Netherlands / Built in 2022 /


Before the redevelopment, the site was a typical example of post-war flats in an environment of monotonous grass with trees around it. An environment that offers little challenge to play and no pleasant place to stay. Moreover, the site had little ecological value and there was quite a lot of paving. In short; a lot of space that was unused in many ways.


We seized the opportunity that this space offered with both hands to create an exuberantly blooming, rolling landscape with plenty of room for adventurous play, a walk or enjoying the seasons. A shining example of how attractive a living environment can be that more than meets the current challenges of climate, water, biodiversity and a healthy living environment.

Together with Buro 013, Burobol has designed a new water and residential landscape for the Municipality of Waalwijk and housing corporation Casade, with biodiversity and reuse as key design principles. Burobol worked with ecological consultancy firm Maasarend to optimally integrate biodiversity into the design. All rainwater will be infiltrated into the park’s lowlands. The sloping landscape leads to wetter and drier areas, each tailored with a specific grass and herb mixture. Based on the ecological opportunities for insects, small songbirds and bats, ecocassettes have been used to reverse height differences. These are gabions in which recycled roof tiles are stacked in a place-specific way and provided with soil and plantings. To determine the correct implementation of the ecocassettes, an extensive study was carried out into possible protected flora and fauna. After determining the icon species, we then looked at the requirements these icon species place on their living environment. The result is a landscape that optimally responds to the opportunities for this location. In several places, shrubs and trees with a high nesting and nectar value have been planted. For butterflies, the habitat has been made suitable for all species present.


In order to optimally design the design ecologically, we involved ecological consultancy firm Maasarend in the assignment. The agency has investigated which animals and plants live or could live in the area. The landscape is made for these species; with overgrown walls of recycled roof tiles, with native trees, herbs and shrubs, with lots of microrelief and plenty of nectar. Every drop of water that falls in the park or on the flats is infiltrated into the ground. Together with the architects of Buro 013, the new buildings have been incorporated into the rolling landscape by also placing hills on the first floor.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Buro 013 architects

Location: Salviapark Waalwijk

Design year: 2018-2020

Year Completed: 2022


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