The condominium Santa Monica Jardins, located on the west side of Rio de Janeiro – RJ, near the sea, was implanted in an area that had been flooded and almost without vegetation, the urbanistic concept of this area provided an good environment for family use full of life to receive hight standards residences, as presented here. The two owners are architects with refined taste, they asked for an outdoor área with a modern design that matches the bold architecture of the house. they dreamed of a space with swimming pool, living areas, space to play and a beautiful garden. The starting point for the project was the intermediate level landing in front of the house, where we thought of something special and intimate for the couple. We designed a bench in thin slats with good ergonomics that in sequence turns into a deck, added a colored armchairs to bring more joy and relaxation and a fire pit, that powered with ecological fluid, brings an ideal environment for an evening wine.


The entrance to the house received a floor pattern that reports to a chessboard with grass and basalt stone, polygons 10cmx10cm, where you can receive the family cars or just be a great welcome. In the back area, although the house architects suggested an organic pool, we prefer to design straight angles to optimize space. The pool was lined with imported stone that results in a natural lake coloration adding beauty to the garden. We chose to create wet deck area to receive comfortable chaises inside water, drowned the edges that enlarged the water mirror and hid the drains. For the floors and paths around, we repeat the 10cm x 10cm basalt stone patern giving a unified language to the whole house.

We use wood swings and armchairs from Brazilian designers on the balcony. The house is suspended by columns and the walls do not touch the floor, this detail gives the feeling that the house floats over the gardens created with tropical species. Alpinias (tropical specie) that are always flowering, Philodendrons, besides an adult Jabuticabeira (delicious brasilian fruit) get in to the house without ceremony, since they are seen in any place of the house, the Family could feels in and out at the same time. All the walls received a special treatment with dark green paint ,so do not compete with the palms of several stems and leaves, creating an efficient condition of privacy and beauty.

Project location: Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
Design year:2016
Year Built:2016


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