Sao Paulo Corporate Towers by

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The landscape design for the project is driven by the character of the Mata Atlantica Forest found on the site. Only 9% of this Brazilian ecosystem remains in the world and a few disconnected patches of this forest exists Sao Paulo urban ecosystem. Our project celebrates its biodiversity and spatial richness in the urban landscape of Sao Paulo.
São Paulo Corporate Towers’ landscape follows the spatial rhythm, heights and patterns of the forest as it weaves across the site and through the two towers that make up the architectural program.  Tree canopies of various heights create magical outdoor spaces of dappled sunlight and shade, providing a cooler environment. Landforms accentuate the display of the vegetation in their multiple canopy layers. A large green roof accessible by a series of ramps becomes a link between the two towers and integrates the amenity building. An elevated metal path weaving through the site and transforming the public sidewalk on the street offers a unique experience of walking in the canopies of trees. The collection of rain water on the site and selection of native species with lower water demand, allows for minimum irrigation and helps cool the towers.

Entrant office name: Balmori Associates
Role of the entrant in the project: landscape design
Other design firms involved: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects / Atelier 10
Project location: São Paulo, Brazil
Design year: 2011
Year Built: 2016


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