Seaside Whale Swing by

2024 Other / China / Built in 2023 /

+The group of whale swings is located on the beach of Beidaihe, China. The design of the swing draws inspiration from ocean-dwelling whales. When these majestic creatures breach the surface, they create graceful arcs in the water, as if performing a special dance. The whale’s tail, with its unique and beautiful shape, waves through the air like a grand fan—an enchanting spectacle in the ocean.

Taking inspiration from the natural form of whales, our enigmatic ocean companions, the swing spans approximately 30 meters in length and reaches a maximum height of 7 meters. Its silhouette gracefully tapers from the base to the apex, forming an elegant and minimalist arc. The five ‘fish bones’ that compose the swing gradually decrease in both height and width, culminating in the distinctive ‘fish tail’ design. This arrangement creates an intriguing rhythm, inviting people to appreciate the abstract beauty of the whale’s shape. Swinging on this structure, individuals can immerse themselves in the sensation of being within a whale’s body—a truly fantastical spatial experience.

We positioned the whale swing on the intertidal zone beach, enabling it to engage with the ebb and flow of the tides. Its orientation is perpendicular to the coastline, resembling a whale gracefully transitioning from the distant sea to the shore. When high tide arrives, the whale swing transforms into a white sculpture amidst the waves, sparking the imagination of onlookers. As the tide recedes, it attracts people of all ages to come and play, bringing joy to people.

Whale Swing is a landscape installation that is connected to the natural environment and interacts with people; it forms a unique landscape with the texture of the ebb and flow of the sea and beach and the people who use it. It embodies the vitality of the beach and the joy of seaside life, bringing unforgettable experiences to different user groups.

This artwork attempts to explore the temporality of landscape. With the passage of time, the whale swings present different states. Sculptural when unoccupied, entertaining when people are around. Complete during low tide, interactive during high tide. People can choose to sway in the pleasant spring breeze, the humid heat of summer, the refreshing cool wind of autumn, or the biting cold wind of winter.

After a heavy snowfall, the ground lies blanketed in pristine white. The white whale swing seamlessly merges with nature. Swinging against the biting cold wind offers a unique experience for those who dare. As the tide rises, the entire whale swing seems to leisurely glide toward the icy sea, returning to its natural habitat.

Location: Beidaihe, China

Design year: 2023

Year Completed: 2023


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