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The Senne has seen a huge revival in recent years as historical pollutants have been significantly reduced. The Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) is therefore investing; as manager of the Senne and coordinator of the integrated water policy; in this positive trend by monitoring the condition of the water systems and developing new policy instruments. In this specific case, by promoting the experience, say contact with the watercourse. This project is in line with this, in terms of its objectives.

The project is part of a broad future vision to shape the blue-green veining of cities and towns.
Because the water quality has greatly improved compared to a few decades ago, it is once again worth taking pride in the Senne, which is inextricably linked to the history of the town of Halle. It is high time to make the Senne experienceable again for everyone.

The services of the ‘Vlaams Bouwmeester’ were used to appoint a designer and supervise the ‘Senne terraces’ study. Depending on the target groups and the distance from the city centre, the terraces were designed in a variety of ways: from very accessible to very adventurous.
Terraces and accommodation areas were created at three locations along the Senne. Bringing visitors into physical contact with nature seems to us to be the ideal catalyst for (re)introducing regenerative structures into people’s daily lives and minds. The strongly fluctuating water level gives our interventions a different and adventurous character every time. Water and nature are in charge here.
The terraces are just the necessary stepping stones to the water, in the guise of Zenne paths, spots or steps. They point visitors to what was once here. To what is or should be important. What can and should be cherished…

The first terrace is located in Albert Park near the Sacred Heart College campus. At the top is a round terrace where small events can take place: it was conceived as a small classroom overlooking the river with a fantastic view over the Zenne. A staircase allows one to descend further to right at the water’s edge.

The second terrace is located on the Leide near the Vondel campus of Heilig-Hart & College (near the Waggel bridge). Playfully positioned round concrete stepping stones allow visitors to descend to the water’s edge. Street parking gives way to high-quality greenery and a slow link as part of the Zennepad.

The third terrace is located at the Eizingen mill in Buizingen. Playfully arranged round concrete stepping stones lead the visitor to a bowl-shaped terrace on the water.

The three different interventions always take two aspects into account: a very accessible and easily accessible part of the terraces and, in addition, a more adventurous part that will sometimes be underwater. Spontaneous bank planting will eventually take over, creating a very natural image.

Architecture offices involved in the design: dertientwaalf architects

Location: Halle along the Senne (centre of city)

Design year: 2018

Year Completed: 2023


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