The landscape design concept of Shenzhen Costal Primary School is based on utilizing the outdoor environment for education and accommodating the daily activities of a school campus, blurring the typical boundary between the classroom oriented buildings and the outside space used for play. As most of schools in China were implemented with standard design, resulting in boring and uncharacteristic outdoor space with barely pavement and walking space.

The design for this project forms the landscape in a pixel language that is consistent in multiple levels of school buildings and space, ranging from courtyards ,sunken plazas, to rooftops. Various topics and functions are assigned in each space, including the entry ceremonial plaza, parents waiting (to pick up kids) garden, outdoor classroom staircase, botanical garden, STEAM outdoor terrace, and horticulture experiment rooftop.  The variety of those outdoor spaces in the school encourages learning through the play while being inspired by the landscape.

As many additional schools are planned to open over the next few years in Shenzhen, an immigrants city of China, this project hopes to inspire designs that embody a natural, engaging, and safe environment that students enjoy.

Architecture offices involved in the design: SADI (Shenzhen Architecture Design Institute)

Location: 8-1 Lantian Street, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China 518067

Design year: 2017

Year Completed: 2019


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