Shoreditch Park is one of the largest parks within the London Borough of Hackney at 7.1 hectares. In recent years, the context and use of Shoreditch Park have been influenced by the development of the Gainsborough Building, the regeneration of the Colville Estate, as well as wider changes and the growing population in the south of the borough.

The Britannia project – together with improvements at Shoreditch Park and the transformation of the Colville Estate – represents the biggest public sector investment in the area in a generation. In association with the wider Britannia Development Scheme a budget of £2m was allocated to deliver several improvements to Shoreditch Park. The approach taken was to identify what improvements should be made to Shoreditch Park entirely through community engagement, to deliver a park that works for the local community, both old and new.

In 2019, LUC was appointed by the London Borough of Hackney to lead the community-led improvement project in Shoreditch Park.

The community identified several priority areas for improvement, including increased sports and fitness facilities, enhanced ecology and biodiversity, refurbishment of the playground, safety considerations at night and from cyclists, improved signage and interpretation, additional seating and park furniture, gateways into the park and identity, and improvements to the condition of the sports pitch grass sward.

Throughout the project, countless individuals and organisations collaborated tirelessly, demonstrating unwavering commitment to creating a park that exceeds expectations and delivers exceptional benefits to the community.

Strong Collaborative Working
The project exemplifies exceptional collaboration across diverse stakeholders, including the local community, public and private sectors, and various professional partners such as stakeholder engagement, engineering, ecology, and planning. Governance was a key aspect of the project and its development, with a project steering board including a range of council officers, councillors, and relevant specialist bodies.

Extensive Community Engagement
The scheme stands out for its exemplary community engagement efforts. Through a comprehensive two-stage consultation process, the project actively involved nearly 2,000 community members, ensuring their needs and aspirations were at the forefront of decision-making. The inclusive approach built trust, forged stronger relationships, and created a genuine sense of community ownership over the park’s transformation.

Consideration of User Impact and Benefits
The scheme demonstrates a deep commitment to considering the impact and benefits for all users. By incorporating local knowledge and feedback into the project’s goals and objectives, Shoreditch Park has been transformed into a space that caters to the diverse needs of its users. The redesign of the playground, addition of sports facilities, and provision of utilities like drinking fountains reflect a user-centred approach.

Maximising Collaboration and Multi-Stakeholder Working

Shoreditch Park maximises the potential and opportunities of collaboration, community engagement, and multi-stakeholder working. By involving a wide range of partners, including ecologists, landscape architects, and local borough experts, the project benefited from diverse perspectives and expertise, resulting in an innovative and holistic design that prioritises ecological enhancement, sustainability, and user well-being.

Design Excellence and Sustainability
The park’s design showcases excellence in landscape design, integrating ecological features, diverse play experiences, and accessible sports facilities. The emphasis on ecological enhancement, including wildflower meadows, hedgerows, rain gardens, and insect habitats, demonstrates a sustainable approach that improves biodiversity, stormwater management, and climate resilience.

Value Creation
Shoreditch Park provides significant value to both stakeholders and users. The revitalised park has become a vibrant community hub, offering recreational spaces, educational opportunities, and an enhanced natural environment. The project’s success has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community, highlighting its tangible impact and value.

In summary, Shoreditch Park deserves to win a Landezine International Landscape due to its exceptional collaborative working, extensive community engagement, consideration of user impact, maximised collaboration and multi-stakeholder working, design excellence, sustainability, and value creation. The park is a testament to the power of collaboration, community engagement, and interdisciplinary partnerships in creating exceptional landscape projects that benefit stakeholders and users alike.

Location: Shoreditch Park, 188 New North Rd, London N1 6TA

Design year: 2019

Year Completed: 2023


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