Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park is an important window for ecological parks around the city to show the Tianfu culture and reflect the world level. The Northern New City is located on the north-south central axis of Chengdu’s historical development. It is planned to assume the regional functions of “sub-center of the city suitable for living, business and business”, “international and regional trade center”, “modern service industry gathering and development highland”, “traditional Chinese medicine industry gathering place” and so on. Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park is located in the hinterland of the northern New City of Chengdu. As the gateway to the north of the city, it is the starting point of connecting the capital Guandao and the Silk Road in ancient times, and also an important hub connecting the foreign economic and cultural exchanges in modern times.

Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park with a total land area of 329,220 square meters and a cost of 150 million yuan.

As an important characteristic park in the four-level supporting service system of the ecological park around the city, it undertakes the main service functions of Tianfu Green Road, including commercial service, recreation, cultural display and experience, and is the “Central Park in the north of the city” that reflects the multi-value of the park’s future ecology, aesthetics, economy, humanity and life.

Various scenes of local history and culture are presented:

1. Shu Road + Landscape structure: The point culture in the north area of the city is distilled into “business culture represented by Shu Road” in the “Shu Road Victory Map”, and the four backbone roads of Shu Road (Jinniu Road, Micang Road, Yinping Road and Litchi Road) across Sichuan province are selected as the structural support and bearer of the cultural points of Shu Road (Yinping Road).

2. Interaction between Shu medicine and science and education: The cultural elements of Shu medicine are abstractly extracted, such as abstract figure sculpture in Guanshan Garden node, which is the cartographic display of the lacquer figure in the meridian. Through the combination of cartoon images and interesting interactive sound, light and electricity technology, it leads people to peek into the secrets of ancient Chinese medicine, so as to achieve the purpose of popular science through entertaining and teaching.

3. Shu Medicine + healthy exercise: By planting TCM plants with special aromatherapy around the sports field, combining the two functions of TCM planting and exercise health, it provides a natural exercise space with fragrant air for the public.

4. Shu Medicine + Health industry: The scene of Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park aims at the characteristic health management of traditional Chinese medicine, creating a TCM health physiotherapy station integrating various forms of business, such as TCM physiotherapy, ancient medicinal diet, health bath, health mud bath, vacation and recuperation.

The park actively explores the Chinese medicine health tourism market, and jointly builds the Internet + Chinese medicine + medical greenway together with the big health industry, famous Chinese medicine practitioners and other industry friends, so as to realize the transformation of ecological value of the site and provide standardized, personalized and scientific Chinese medicine health preservation services for the majority of health tourism customers.

5. Shu Road + Children’s Science Popularization: By extracting the four artistic features of Shu Road, namely, high, steep and emotional, the micro Garden of Shu Road corresponds to different types of amusement facilities with different features and features of Shu Road respectively, forming a children’s science popularization activity venue to experience the artistic conception of ancient Shu Road from the aspects of vision, hearing, smell and touch.

Human-oriented tour experience innovation:

1. Unbounded integration of landscape and architecture: The wind-driven courtyard of the main building in the Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park boldly breaks the boundaries of traditional architecture by adding a “red ribbon” ranging from 1.5 meters to 3 meters on the roof to penetrate multiple Spaces of “outdoor landscape – roof – interior of the building”, breaking the inherent spatial boundaries of indoor and outdoor, integrating landscape and architecture without boundaries and enriching tourists’ tour experience.

2. Barrier-free vertical tour space: As an important carrier for the northern New Town to respond to the construction of park city, Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park also undertakes the mission of displaying the construction process of ecological park around the city. Through ingenious height difference design, the exhibition hall creates barrier-free vertical tour space, displaying the background, origin, process and results of the planning and construction of the ecological park around the city in front of visitors.

Ecological background of thickening site:

1. Low-impact ecological development: Through the semi-overhead design, the buildings in Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park are suspended on the ground and in light contact with the landscape, reducing the damage to the ecology. Meanwhile, the wind blowing in the overhead floor can form convection in the atrium, promote the internal and external circulation of air, take away excess heat, and achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

By using the “grey space” formed by buildings and Bridges, it can become a cool, ventilated and low-energy activity and business place, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

2. Ecological value conversion of landscape agriculture: At present, there are a large number of basic farmland in and around the park. By making use of the ecological restoration area in the field to design viewing nodes, rest stations, catering facilities, etc., we can make full use of the farmland landscape resources and realize the ecological value conversion.

Social benefits:

Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park helps the Northern New Town to cultivate new economic driving forces, build an innovative ecological chain, and create multiple values of park urban ecology, aesthetics, economy, humanity and life. At the very beginning of its opening, the park exploded the Internet. It was interviewed and reported by the government and many provincial and municipal mainstream media, which attracted countless visitors to the park to play, take photos and punch in. It was highly recommended and praised by the public on social media.

Economic benefits:

By integrating ecology and landscape, industry and business forms, culture and creativity, and new economy and high technology, the Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park  has created a new consumption scene of “park +” that meets diverse needs. It links the market of traditional Chinese medicine to form a new park-style exhibition and sales scene, drives the coordinated development of surrounding residential and commercial areas, releases the potential consumption power of the region, thus providing unlimited commercial potential and opportunities for the city while creating a new lifestyle for the future for citizens.

Ecological benefits:

Through the classification and division of the land for ecological restoration, agricultural land and construction land, the Shudao Tongqu Characteristic Park ensured the balance between ecological restoration, agricultural production and human activities. From the original factory building to the now tree-lined ecological park, the environment of the site has been significantly improved, effectively improving the urban living environment. The introduction of a rich variety of plants not only reduces the environmental pollution in and around the site, but also creates an ecological barrier and ventilation corridor for the city, and enables various kinds of animals to breed and live here.

Location: Jinhuasi West Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

Design year: 2018

Year Completed: 2021


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