Skovlunde Public Park is situated in the town center of Skovlunde where it creates a green break in between dwellings and the diverse urban functions. It is a popular place for picnics and larger events. The surrounding schools, child care centers and nursing homes uses the park for many different occasions. The central locations encourage pedestrians to pass through the park.

In 2014 Ballerup Municipality wished for an art piece anchored in the local history and community. With support from The Danish Art Foundation, the art project Night&Day by Anja Franke was integrated into the existing park.

Night&Day consist of two interrelating installations carefully embedded into the existing park. The concept for the primary installation is an interrelation between the oriental carpet and the classic 30×30 cm concrete slab, typically used in the garden terraces of detached houses. The emerging of the concrete slab and the oriental carpet unfolds into a concrete carpet wrapping itself around the edge of the lake in the center of the park. The carpet is creating a transition from the sloping lawn, over a gravel path into the water of the lake. The concrete carpet is a visual hybrid between the private garden and the picnic carpet. From a new entrance into the park a concrete runner is making a connection to the lake and creates a relation to the concrete carpet. At night the runner is lit by three lines of LED spots which makes an invitation into the park. The lighting concept is carried on in the concrete carpet where the LED spots is emphasizing the shape of the carpet as well as creating a dreamy play with the water surface.

The art piece is created with inspiration from the park itself and implemented with respect for the surroundings and its existing functions. A conscious adaptation of the installations into the existing terrain and plantings is emerging the new and the old into a coherent landscape.

The development of the project has been carried out in a close dialog with Anja Franke, whom is behind the conceptualization of Day&Night.



Entrant office name: Thing Brandt Landskab
Role of the entrant in the project: Consultant for Ballerup Municipality and The Danish Art Foundation
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Anja Franke
Project location (Street, City, Country): Skovlunde, Denmark
Design year: 2014
Year Built: 2014


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