“SKY FOREST SCAPE” is a new type of public space on the roof for Bangkok. It is a part of
the new mixed-use development called “SIAMSCAPE” which is located at the heart of ‘Siam
Square’ – a vibrant young-gen commercial district. This project is a part of the bigger master
plan that aims to revamp ‘Siam Square’ with more people-centric urban spaces including
walking street, gathering places, and greenery.

SKY FOREST SCAPE is a new solution to connect the city vertically with public space and
greenery in the sky. While walking street on the ground attracts big cheerful events, SKY
FOREST SCAPE on the 10th floor offers a secluded respite amongst biodiverse vegetation
with an open view to the surrounding city skyline. It is a new type of public space on the roof
for Bangkok. The corner of this rectangular space is lifted to form a large amphitheater and
provide ample soil depth for forest trees grove to create a comfortable and cooling gathering
spot for tropical climate. Strong linear lines from the architecture facade continue to
landscape pavement to create a holistic space.

After the landscape was completed, It became a new gathering space of ‘Siam Square’
serving many activities throughout the day and the week. It can be a quiet chill-out space
after classes, performance rehearsal stage, a tik tok dance background, or a concert in the
garden. This new rooftop public space is designed to cater for multi-function, open-end
possibilities for the new generations to create.

Architecture offices involved in the design: East Architect, Integrated Field, M&E: site 83, C&S Engineering: site 83

Location: Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand

Design year: 2019

Year Completed: 2022


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