ENE-HUB delivers connected networks of SMART.NODEs™ as the platform for delivering Smart City Services for Land Authorities.

The SMART.NODE™ is a beautifully designed, modular and scalable product system. The SMART.NODE™ is a ‘beginning to end’ product system for smart cities.

The modular SMART.NODE™ is the backbone for a connected and future ready Smart City Network. The SMART.NODE™ is the latest evolution in street lighting infrastructure. The humble street pole evolved into the Multi Function Pole which has now evolved into the SMART.NODE™ which accommodates all of todays Smart City Services with the capacity to also accommodate tomorrows Smart City Technologies and Services.
This ubiquitous piece of city infrastructure can occupy all of the key locations throughout the public spaces within a city and is completely under-utilised in terms of the role it can play in making a city smart.
The SMART.NODE™ invisibly accommodates the following Smart City Services:
• Wi-Fi / 4G/5G
• Data-Capture,
• Smart Wireless LED Street, Roadway, Area lighting as well as
• Floodlights / Spotlights
• Banner arms
• Decorative Beacon (RGB light)
• Speakers
• EV Charging and Parking Management
• GPOs / Events Power Outlets
• Traditional smart pole functions like signage, traffic and lighting.
• Capacity for future functions

Land Authorities embrace the SMART.NODE™ because:
1. It reduces street clutter
2. It is well designed
3. It invisibly accommodates all of the Smart City Services converging on our public spaces
4. It can accommodate all current Smart City Services
5. Its modular design allows for new Smart Functions that may be required in the future.

The SMART.NODE™ incorporates the latest in LED lighting.
The integrated minimal design of the SMART.NODE™ is maintained by having all LED Lights housed within the circumference of the SMART.NODE™ – NO OUTREACHES! Any lighting application can be accommodated by the SMART.NODE™. The lighting output can be adjusted to meet any international standard for lighting.

The SMART.NODE™ invisibly accommodates all 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi equipment which makes the SMART.NODE™ 4G an effective and discrete addition to any telecommunications network. Importantly, the antennae are mounted at a height that ensures optimal performance (7 – 11m).

The SMART.NODE™ has proved its capability in ENE-HUBs most recent projects in Australia and the United States.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is one of Australia’s most sensitive and prestigious public spaces. ENE-HUB delivered a Network of 40 connected SMART.NODES™ throughout the Garden and has achieved significant benefits to the Royal Botanic Garden itself and its visitors through a major lighting upgrade, free public Wi-Fi, high performance 4G, CCTV, Electric Vehicle Charging and Ranger Help Buttons all provided by the strategically installed SMART.NODES™ .

Manufacturer name: ENE-HUB Pty Ltd
Website: www.ene-hub.com
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2016


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