When the owner of this private oasis left the high gloss beaches of Los Angeles to re-ground in Northern California, she found a natural small-town embrace in Sonoma. We were tasked with turning a lifeless rear space blocks from vibrant Sonoma Plaza into a seamless extension of living space – an expression of the sophisticated, artistic woman who would revive it.

Our introduction to the property came with discussions of possibly tearing down the failing L-shaped structure that had languished for years under a previous owner. We convinced architect Webb Green to put his faith in the outdoor space and develop an indoor-outdoor continuity to revive the property. From there, we let nature’s elements do the work.

The lacey parasol of a large Siberian Elm was imported to the rear yard’s center for much needed shade.  Old deck boards were revived and repurposed as new decking, set level with indoor flooring to seamlessly extend living space into adaptive outdoor rooms.  A tidy swimming pool with current for exercising and relaxing was sited to color every view, while a bluestone patio and fire feature were put slightly below living level for intimate dining and evening gatherings. Wide side yards were exploited for evergreen screening at one side and a linear kitchen garden on the other, where a barbecue, potted plants, herbs, and vegetables evoke the feel of a small marketplace.  Planting borders were put to purpose throughout with tall screening and place-specific perennials weaving through shade and sunlight.


Architecture offices involved in the design: Webb Green

Project location: Sonoma County, California

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2017



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