The upgrade of the Liedekerke station area allowed a comprehensive transformation of the drab location into an appealing traffic and residential hub. To the south of the station the new Affligemsestraat stretches like a low bridge between two urban balconies. Standing on the station balcony, with its new station building, bus shelters, benches and other features, the visitor looks out over the water-rich valley of the Bogijnengracht. A neat wall of gabions frames the balcony, dealing with the height difference and protecting against the disturbance of the natural water-rich environment of the valley. Towards the town centre, on the other side of the valley, the town’s balcony, framed by an identical wall, forms the counterbalance for the station balcony. The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge starts at the town and connects the centre of Liedekerke with the station.

Minimal impact on the valuable surrounding nature

Wherever possible, the surface area for new infrastructure was reduced to the bare essentials. The valley of the Bogijnengracht will be preserved in order to transform into a nature reserve. The canal itself has been widened to create gently sloping banks. In this way, the lower parts will be flooded and become areas with a wide range of water and riverbank vegetation. On the higher parts, the existing, valuable trees have been preserved and supplemented with new willows and alders. The intermediate areas, which can be flooded after heavy rainfall, are filled with reed fields. In order not to disturb the nature in this valley, the necessary connections – the Affligemsestraat and the bicycle and pedestrian connection between Stationsstraat and station square – have been realised with eco-bridges on pillars.

Due to the redevelopment of the Bogijnengracht valley, no less than 33,000 m3 of rainwater can be buffered in this green station area.

The station area as a pleasant accommodation space

Traffic quality and accommodation quality are treated equally in the design. After all, the new station area is not only an optimally accessible place where different traffic modes connect, it is also a space where people meet each other. Commuters cross each other on their way to the platforms, pedestrians gather at the station square before exploring the surrounding nature areas, etc. In this sense, a purely traffic-technical solution for the redevelopment of the station area was not sufficient. The design therefore shifted the emphasis from traffic space to an enjoyable place to stay.

Name of the project: Station Area Liedekerke
Project category Public Project
Role of the entrant in the project: landscape architect
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: D+A consult, SBE, Mint
Project location: Affligemsestraat in 1770 Liederkerke – BELGIUM
Design year: 2010
Year Built: 2018


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