The goal of the project was to renovate and extend the existing city park to include adjacent natural areas and reconnect the park on the higher level and the lake embankment on the lower level. Our objective was to create a «park to inspire», where design elements help to reconnect visitors with nature, encourage physical activities and mentally connect to the nature of the region of the South Ural.

The city of Beloretsk is the start point to long distance trails to South Ural. Many natural reserves are located around the city such as ski resorts, remarkable groves, mountain trails, and rivers that go through the region. Beloretsk is also one of the most important centers for metallurgy in the South Ural; three metallurgy plants are operating in the town.

The route of Impressions goes from South – West to North – East, uniting Upper and Lower parts of the town and opening access to Beloretsk lake shores and panorama of the town. Platforms for connection with nature and inspiration appear at a viewing point offering panoramic views.

The Metal Ribbon Staircase is an outdoor staircase built in 2021, which combines a climbing spot and the viewing point at the top of a 2 m height rock. It provides a new connection between the lower and upper part of the Beloretsk city park in the South Ural designed by Orchestra Design Studio. We choose corten and metal to create a «monolith effect» contrasting with the intricacy of geological lines and the wide color palette of the rocks. The staircase acts as a «ribbon» which dynamically envelops the climbing rock, providing different viewpoints along the way. The use of metal is also a symbolic link with the ferrous metallurgy industry of the town; a symbiotic and sometimes conflicting relation between nature and industry.

In the evening, a low light of the metal ribbon staircase can be seen through thin vertical openings and from the bottom, whilst providing comfortable lighting inside.  A few outdoor light projectors are delicately illuminating the big climbing rock. This low light evening scenario corresponds well to the natural character of the forest, where the rock is located.

Along the lake shore, a wooden boardwalk was created with places for sitting and relaxing. A nice view to mountains and lake opens up from here. In the forest area of the park, we have created a circular route which storytells the region nature through unique educational installations and special sport elements integrated in the forest. The path was co- designed with students of the Beloretsk Tourism Center. Students explored the area and were the first to see prototypes of sports elements, testing its difficulty levels for different ages.

The sports objects help to develop agility and endurance, in link with natural features of the South Ural region. In addition, the path is equipped with a rope railing designed for visually impaired people, a strong local community. Those public spaces have become not only a platform for sport and promenade, but also a place of inspiration and ethical connection between people and nature.

Location: Beloretsk, Bashkortostan, Russia

Design year: 2020 year

Year Completed: 2021 year


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