Masaryk Square is the main square of the town of Stribro, urbanistically one of the most valuable parts, and it functions as a key area for meeting people and for social life of the town. The core of the town is serried in a circle, the imaginary center of which is a renaissance Town Hall. Streets inside the circle form a grid of rectangular blocks. The whole studied area pertains to the Urban Conservation Area of Stribro. The whole square is then illuminated by illumination of facades and by eight twelve meters high lamps that were by the authors of the project designed specifically for this place with the symbolism of incoming birds. Lamps are thanks to their height and range of a sufficient scale to the entire square and despite their size they are sufficiently subtle and highlight the facades of preserved renaissance houses that are not disturbed in the views. Colour and Light Basic choice of colors and materials is based on two opposites of local climate, the city name and color of core element of the square – the facades of renaissance Town Hall. Dominant colours remain “non-staining” black and white, which are combined in various transitions throughout the square. The furniture in their sit-down surfaces uses the natural color of wood, structures are made of Corten and as well as the walkway gratings and protection of trees are in a rusty color. These elements thus complement the overall color of the square, as well as sandstone parts of the Town Hall facade. Contrast of black and white is also used in water parterres. At night, as opposed to “daylight colors”, the square is illuminated by warm tones of white, so that even in different weather conditions the atmosphere of the evening town was more pleasant.

Technical specifications:
total height: 11.80m
light standards: medium and high lighting requirements
lamp: excl. metall halide lamps
gear: incl. low loss ballast, ignitor, condensator; electronic ballast on request
light control: at extra cost: power reduction, dimming, night switch
optical system: integrated reflector system for uniform light
light distribution: indirect, symmetrical wide beam
luminaire head: big sails made of solid aluminium with a special white reflective underside finish; housing made of cast aluminium; fixing materials made of hot dip galvanised steel; powder coated
column: incl. tapered column, with 3 access doors for 2 ballasts and cable junction box, made of hot dip galvanised steel; powder coated
colour: RAL or DB
glazing: flat, clear toughened glass glazing, thermal resistant
wiring: incl. cable until access doors
installation: with root to be set into the ground
accessories: lamp, cable junction box, pole accessories – to be ordered separately
application areas: luminaire in the shape of a flying martin for great spaces in public areas

Manufacturer name: Leipziger Leuchten
Designer : Petr Velička / M&P Architects – Studio of Landscape Architecture
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2013


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