Tankefuld – thoughtful in Danish – An ambitious urban development project in Svendborg. The project focus is environmentally sustainable and a natural local system for drainage of rainwater. The housing estate is known for a large number of sustainable initiatives – focus on plant growth, rainwater collection, swampbeds, etc. between the houses. The settlement is situated like a patchwork rug across the site. They vary by different views, recess, scale, greeneries and functions. The area’s public spaces and roads are placed around the building facilities and are used for different purposes like sports, play and parking.

The project has received the Svendborg Municipality Architecture Award. The judge report writes that the project wins for its exemplary and nuanced way of creating a new city on bare ground. At the same time, it is pointed out that the buildings contain large spacious qualities both inside and out; The changing building heights, the expressive facades and the diverse spaces between the houses together provide a vibrant and varied architectural expression that is experienced both sympathetic and identity-creating.



Entrant office name: byMUNCH, by- og landskabsdesign
Role of the entrant in the project: Sub – Consultant (Landscape Architecture)
Website: http://bymunch.dk/
Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Project location (Street, City, Country): Hellegårdsvej, 5700 Svendborg, Denmark
Design year: 2011 – 2014
Year Built:2011 – 2014


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