Located in Nonthaburi – an outskirt province to the North of Bangkok, Thailand, ‘Tara
Park’ is a redevelopment project destined to be a Creative and Innovative Forest
district. The objective is to transform a low-density office building into a modern
smart high-rise building surrounded by nature that aims to strengthen corporate
values and sustainability for society.

The project name ‘Tara’ means ‘Water Stream’, which implies a sense of place
created by the existing natural pond in the old development. Respecting this unique
feature, the large part of the pond is not only preserved but also improved with a
smart water management concept working together with reuse water from the new
building to deal with floods, supplying water for dry season, and nurturing
surrounding greenery/wetland habitats creating new values for the existing pond.
The new forest ecosystem is proposed throughout the site creating a seamless link
with nature enhances people’s physical and mental health, leading to a happy and
healthy work environment.

The landscape design is inspired by the organic form. Entering the project,
crosswalks, ramps, and walkways are designed under a universal design standard.
Drop-off separates the accessibility of the office and education zone. Besides, The
cover walkway located along with the nature pond leads to the office building and the
retention pond. Outdoor activity lawns between the buildings provide multifunctional
space for resting, chitchatting, and exchanging ideas under the shade of trees.
Varieties of spaces are accommodated to encourage a healthy lifestyle such as a
25-meter-long swimming pool and 600-meter-long jogging tracks. Moreover, the
open court on the side of the project can be transformed to support various sports
and events such as tennis, futsal, basketball, performance space, and a flea market.
Tara Park is truly a sustainable project filled with creative and innovative spirit amidst
seamless harmony with nature.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Plan Associates Co.,Ltd., M&E: EEC Engineering Network, C&S Engineering: EEC Engineering Network

Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Design year: 2017-2018

Year Completed: 2020


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