LILA Terms and Conditions

To be able to participate in LILA, entrants need to agree to the following terms and conditions. Agreeing to the following text means you have read and understood the text and you agree with its content:


LILA” – Landezine’s international landscape award competition in the current year

Entrant” – is an office or individual that enters the LILA competition

Office” – is a landscape architecture office and architecture or multidisciplinary office that employs landscape architects. Offices may compete in the ‘built projects’ categories.

“Individuals” – are young landscape architects born after 16 May 1988 or students of landscape architecture born after 16 May 1988. They can submit to the LILA Portfolio Award. Offices can not submit to the portfolio award as the winner can only be a single person with a personal name.

“Submission” – digital material composed of texts and images that describe a work of landscape architecture submitted by the entrants to LILA.

1. General

1.0 This section applies to offices and individuals

1.1 Entrants need to register and then submit the material according to the pdf instructions in order to be competing for LILA.

1.2 Entrants have the right to redistribute, copy and publish the submitted digital material on Landezine, its associated pages, social media and elsewhere should the entry win LILA recognition.

1.3 The entrant grants Landezine all rights to redistribute, copy and publish the material on all websites owned and managed by Landezine and associated social media channels:,, Landezine’s social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and via Landezine’s newsletters

1.4 The entrant will bear sole responsibility if any legal dispute occurs regarding the rights and ownership of the digital material the entrant is submitting for LILA.

1.5 The entrant will bear sole responsibility if any legal dispute occurs regarding any credits regarding the authorship of the submitted work/project. If an entry is disqualified due to issues with authorship, a refund of the registration fee will not be returned

1.6 All submitted built projects will be published on the LILA website.

1.7 In case any of the submitted entries will win LILA or special mention, Landezine will distribute the digital material submitted by the entrant to promote the entries and LILA on other web and print media related to landscape architecture that are not managed and/or owned by Landezine Media LLC.

1.8 All submitted material must be prepared according to the instructions pdf.

1.9 the language of the submitted material must be English. The LILA team or jury will not translate the material into English. If there is a text in a language other than English, it will be ignored during the evaluation process.

1.10 Landezine will disqualify or refuse to publish any content that could be in any way offensive or inappropriate in the opinion of the editor-in-chief of Landezine. In this case, there will be no refund of the registration fee.

1.11 Landezine reserves the right to suspend or disqualify a submission if conflicts of interest occur and are, in the opinion of the editorial team, unsolvable by Landezine.

1.12 The registration fee is non-refundable unless there was a clear error on the side of the LILA team related to the handling of the submitted material or in case the LILA competition is cancelled.

1.13 If an office pays the registration fee but fails to submit the material on time, the registration fee will not be returned to the office.

1.14 After the results are announced, Landezine team may make minor modifications to the presentation of the recognized entries, such as changing the main image with another image from the submitted material, or adding further details that will more accurately represent the project or the jury’s decision

1.15 Submitted material may remain published on, or be removed from, Landezine-managed websites and channels after the announcement of the winners.

1.15 LILA is organized by Landezine Media d.o.o., Cigaletova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

2. LILA for landscape architecture offices

2.1 General

2.1.1 I am authorized to register our office for LILA by our office

2.1.2 Offices can submit any number of built landscape architecture projects

2.1.3 Our office doesn’t need to submit an office profile in case our office is an active member of Landezine, as active members with a profile on will be considered for the Office Award automatically. If you are not sure if your office is a member, write to

2.1.4 the office can submit any number of projects that are built (last phase) in 2019 or later. The exception is the ‘revisited’ category, where the project needs to be built before 2009.

2.1.5 Project categories are not definitive. The jury is instructed to award outstanding quality only and to try to find it within project categories. The jury reserves the right not to give LILA in one or more categories if the members of the jury think it is not possible due to a lack of quality. Members of the jury may establish and give new awards if they think it is necessary (rare landscape typologies like cemeteries, memorials, exhibitions, multi-media projects etc.)

2.1.6 Landezine editors will be judging office awards from the list of all submitted profiles to LILA and offices with active Landezine membership.

2.1.7 The submitted entries may be shortlisted, honoured by special mention or may be chosen to win LILA. They may also remain unawarded/unrecognised by LILA.

2.1.8 In project categories, LILA is awarded to projects. That means that other designers involved in the landscape design for the recognized project will share the award title.

2.1.9 Offices that wish to compete for the LILA office award need to be members of Landezine. It is not possible to submit to this category. If you wish for your work to be reviewed by Landezine editors for Landezine membership, please write to

2.2 Registration and the fee for offices

2.2.1 Offices need to register and pay the registration fee before the registration deadlines. The fee is 150 euros before the first ‘early bird’ deadline, 200 euros before the regular deadline and 250 euros before the final deadline for registrations.

2.2.2 Making minor modifications and/or resubmitting existing entries that were already submitted to LILA costs 100 euros per entry. It is a fixed fee that can be paid anytime before the final registration deadline.

2.2.3 The fee is per entry. One entry means one project. The fee multiplies with the number of submitted projects.

2.2.4 Entries must be submitted by the submission deadline regardless of the date of registration. There is one submission deadline for all participants. In other words: offices may register early to catch the low fee and submit material on or before the submission deadline

2.2.5 The fee is non-refundable. Registered offices that will fail to submit the material by the submission deadline will not receive a refund nor a voucher for the next LILA edition. The fee will only be returned if the LILA competition is cancelled or if there is a clear indication that a disqualifying error was made by the LILA organizing team.

2.2.6 If the registration fee paid by the entrant is below the necessary fee for the number of submitted entries, the jury will only take into consideration the number of projects that the paid fee covers, picked from the submission material in alphabetical/numerical order.

2.2.7 Registration fee paid via bank transfer should arrive at Landezine’s bank account no later than five working days after the registration deadline. For late transactions, Landezine may request official bank-issued proof of payment from offices where the date of payment will need to be clearly indicated.

2.2.8 If the registration fee is overpaid by the entrant by accident, the entrant must inform Landezine within 48 hours from the time of the payment and only in this case will Landezine refund the overpaid funds.

3. LILA for students and young professionals

3.1. LILA for students and young professionals is intended only for individuals:

– students of landscape architecture that were born after 16 May 1988
– young landscape architects that were born after 16 May 1988

3.2 LILA for students and young professionals is not intended for collectives or offices. The winner will be a single person with their own work. LILA portfolio award can’t be shared and will go to a single person, not to a brand name or a studio name.

3.3 entries are registered after the registration fee is paid and the material is submitted. Landezine will not refund the registration fees under any circumstances except as described above

3.4 All of the above concerns my office and the material that I will submit by the submission deadline.

3.5 Landezine editors reserve the right not to award or in any way recognize portfolios if they think the quality is not sufficient, complete or composed according to the instructions and for any other reason.

3.6 If it turns out later that the entrant was not eligible to enter the competition, the portfolio in question will be disqualified, and the registration fee not returned.

3.7 Shortlisted portfolios – pdf booklets will be published on the LILA website, and all information included in the pdf booklet will be publicly visible. LILA doesn’t require entrants to include their contact information in the pdf unless they wish to do so.

3.8 The sum of the prize for the winner in the Portfolio category is 1250 euros in total. All taxes and other legally necessary fees will be deducted from the above-mentioned total sum of 1250 euros. The net sum that the winner will receive after taxes and necessary fees will hence be smaller than 1250 euros, depending on the winner’s country of residence.

——- End of the Terms and Conditions text.


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