The residential complex ‘ Tetris Hall’ is located in the center of Kyiv, amidst a dense assembly of various architectural styles. It is a business district featuring a dynamic lifestyle, and comprised of multiple office buildings and a large number of cultural, sports and educational institutions.

Our main goal was to create a comfortable living environment with a natural vibe. We aimed for balancing functionality of the space while enhancing its harmony with the nature. By maximizing green areas, creating a big lawn and a wild pine park, the landscape contributes to shaping a positive experience of place and that a strong sense of place helps enhance everyday experience, healthy communities.

The complex consists of two towers, which are connected by the stylobate of the parking at the lower level. There is a community yard located above the parking. The upper level of the towers are connected by a pedestrian bridge, which forms a holistic space of the rooftop. There is also a kindergarten with a dedicated playground on the site.


The yard takes the majority of the common space and is completely free of cars.
The master plan has accounted for the geometry of the buildings and has been clearly structured. We’ve identified three main areas: a square, park and lawn.

The park and the large lawn where the residents would naturally flow to and get engaged into leisurely communications with their neighbours.
The landscape features and pine grove naturally create separate zones. There is a lawn for outdoor games and relaxation, on the west side, complemented by a space for casual meetings at the front. We have located the main square nearby, in order to accommodate the heaviest traffic in the area. The overall layout has a consistent structure and reflects the overall geometry of the buildings.
The created space is not a feature or decoration of the residential complex. It is a living extension of the habitat where people can enjoy themselves regardless of their age or interests. Spending time with the kids or having a picnic with friends, bathing in the sunshine or relaxing in the shadows, doing a physical exercise or reading in a hammock – it’s up to them to choose and indulge.


In the “Academy Ecoland” kindergarten project, we’ve created a playground suitable for kids of different ages. The areas allocated for the junior and senior groups were united into one, which features a man-made hill in the center, with climbing and sliding elements.
The playground equipment is designed in a way which would allow children to engage in all sorts of game activities, and not be constrained by a limited functionality.
We have followed the same principle when designing the playground for toddlers. It houses a gazebo, a play kitchen and a sandbox integrated into the terrace.

The second terrace located near the kindergarten was designed to hold outdoor lessons and physical training.
All these concepts have been implemented in very complicated urban conditions (parking lot and dense grove).
The created space is helping kids to learn more about nature, encourages them to be more open to interpersonal communication and makes them more confident.


The rooftop of the complex is a place for meeting neighbors, celebrating holidays, relaxing and admiring the scenery of Kyiv. There are various functional zones which take into consideration the needs of different groups of residents, mainly:
1. Swimming pool. 2. Cafe where one can relax regardless of weather and season. 3. Open area with benches. 4. Cinema. 4. BBQ area for large and small groups.

Name of the project: Tetris Hall
Project category: Residential housing park
Role of the entrant in the project: landscape architect
Project location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Design year: 2017-2018
Year Built: 2019


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