A sense of tranquility and a pure land for soul, it is an escape of hustles and bustles from urban life.

A garden can be very masculine with marvels hiding in mountains and water. However, a garden can also be very feminine with changings between lights and shadows, softness and sweetness hiding in crystal-clear fountains. These characteristics are not only the cognitions and appreciations of the space, but also the realizations of designers’ inner states, which contribute the harmony, and elegance of the space of the “THE BEST OF YOUTH”.

The project, located outside of west 4th ring road in Beijing- the place where are usually perceived as complex field conditions and chaos environment, is totally the opposite of our expectation. The thought of restraint is produced gradually in the process of the project. Due to the complex relations between the land use of the site and perimeter city interface, the boundary of the site needs to contribute a symbiosis with the existing retain walls, municipal trees, low voltage power lines and traffic lights.

The idea of entrance with several turnings is emerged in the process of the project. Rather than compromising the irreconcilable relationship with the various external environments, we focused on how to invite people into the space and create a huge contrast after the introduction. The sense of conflict also constitutes the value and expectation of the work.

Softness is an inner instinct developed from the spirit of the site. When entering, the hill stone after the filamentous line carves creates a sense of distance. Afterwards the spring fountains jump on the hill stone, which indicating a sense of endearing friendliness.

Accompanied with a glimmer of green, these series of spatial changes make the entrance a prologue of the garden. After the general tone has been set, our design direction changed to inviting light into the small yard and shaping shadow to create the softness of the space.

We want to make the space full of diversity and not easily defined. It is a leisurely and relaxed place hiding in a green island with no rush and muddle. People who enter the place can step on the water, listen to the spring, walk or settle down in a corner freely. No matter where they go, it is life just could be.

Project category: Residential housing park
Role of the entrant in the project: UMS group
Project location: Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
Design year: 2018
Year Built: 2019


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