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2024 Public Projects / Poland / Built in 2023 /

Previous state of the location:
Before its transformation, the site occupied by the Central Square in Nowiny bore the remnants of a disused kindergarten, nestled between the historic “Perla” aquapark, Poland’s first of its kind dating back to the 1990s, and the grounds of a nearby school. Situated amidst a community characterized by its proximity to industry, the area had long been influenced by the presence of a cement-related manufacturing sector. This industrial legacy, while once contributing to environmental degradation, had evolved over time to adhere strictly to European standards, mitigating its impact on the surrounding environment.
The region had witnessed the gradual development of residential areas since 1962, with the construction of a housing estate tailored to the needs of workers employed by the Cement Industry, located just 1 km from the current residential complex. Nowiny itself functioned as a distinct administrative unit within the municipality, reflecting its status as a pivotal hub within the region.
Dilapidated structures, a lack of cohesive design, and the absence of a communal focal point hindered social cohesion.

Aim of the intervention:
The intervention aimed to breathe new life into the neglected Central Square in Nowiny, transforming it into a vibrant communal space that reflects the spirit and aspirations of its residents. Driven by a commitment to revitalizing urban areas and fostering social cohesion, the project sought to address the shortcomings of the previous state. The promoter, a coalition of local authorities and community stakeholders, embarked on a participative process to ensure that the intervention aligned with the needs and desires of the community.
Drawing upon input from residents, urban planners, and experts, the project’s program of needs was carefully crafted to balance functionality, aesthetics, and inclusivity. With a modest budget secured through regional funding programs, the aims of the intervention were clear: to create a multifunctional space that promotes relaxation, social interaction, and cultural exchange. Expectations were high regarding the contribution of the revitalized square to the public domain, anticipating its role as a dynamic hub for community engagement and urban renewal.

The project:
The square takes the form of a circle, divided into several functional zones, giving it a diverse character. It was created a representative area, a relaxation zone, a gastronomic space, a picnic area, and a children’s zone. Each of these areas is designed to meet the needs of residents and provide them with opportunities for active outdoor leisure. The entire area is illuminated. A notable feature of the Central Square is the presence of two rings: one planted with tall plants creating a landscape interior, and the other featuring a paved recreational path leading to all attractions. The paved ring is designed in architectural concrete slabs to encourage youth to use it for activities like skateboarding.
Each zone is equipped with suitable amenities. The main square is a representative space with a paved area located at the highest point of the terrain. Here, there are terraces with seating options and bench terraces, ideal for community gatherings and cultural events. The gastronomic square is designated for food trucks, and the playground is designed as two hills with various play equipment for children. Benches are placed around the playground for the comfort of caregivers.

The final effect:
The intervention at the Central Square in Nowiny has achieved its goals of creating a multifunctional space catering to the diverse needs of residents. The implementation of various zones has contributed positively to the public domain by providing spaces for recreation, socialization, and cultural events. Citizens’ feedback has been largely positive, appreciating the square’s design and amenities. However, challenges such as budget constraints and logistical issues were encountered during the project. Despite some controversy over specific design choices, overall, the intervention has been successful in revitalizing the area and fostering community engagement. Ongoing citizen evaluation and feedback mechanisms will be crucial for addressing any remaining concerns and ensuring the continued success of the Central Square.

Location: Biale Zaglebie 23, 26-052 Nowiny, Poland

Design year: 2021

Year Completed: 2023


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