The gardens of Petersberg, Nordhausen by

2023 Revisited / Germany / Built in 2004 /

The problem

The town of Nordhausen am Harz, which was developed on the historical trade routs, was once a prosperous town, but was in the second world war almost completely destructed. The rebuilding in the times of German Democratic Republic (DDR) was made in times of modernism with a lot of new functional large panel system-buildings without many green areas. After Germany reunited in 1989 the economy of the town was on decline.

Our Solution

The upcoming of the Regional garden show (ger. Landesgartenschau) in Nordhausen 2004 was very celebrated by the town. Regional garden show is an exhibition from gardeners, florists, landscape architect and other professionals in the gardening-related field, where periodically every few years plants of different kinds and combinations are being presented in selected town on the regional level. Our competition proposal suggested a prominent landscape design of Petersberg, which was at the time not visited by the local people. The main structures of our design are the gabion walls and pyramidal oaks. The pathways were arranged in a way, which allowed high passibility and the overcoming of height difference at the same time. The hillside was designed as barrier free. Today, the gardens at Petersberg in Nordhause offer a place for play and free time activities for different target and age groups

The process

For the town government in Nordhausen was our design proposal very modern for the time. There were a lot of persuasion and discussions, that the system of walls and large corten tree pot the right answers are. Only with the help from our client from Regional garden show society, the mayor and very competent, reliable firms could our green vision for Petersberg be implemented. The year of a Regional garden show was a very prosperous year for the inhabitants of Nordhausen, and not only them, since everybody were very enthusiastic by the exhibition and the place it took.

Why our project

After more than 20 years we are still, just as before convinced, that the implemented design a big win is for the town Nordhausen. As the result of our work, the whole old town of Nordhausen is becoming more and more beloved as a residential area and is therefore now also further developing. The vigorous design has proven its worth and has through time developed the open green space of Petersberg into a very prominent and unmistakable park.



Location: Weberstraße D-99734 Nordhausen
Year Completed: 2004


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