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The new Media Future Center aspires to stand out among all the projects in this isolated land that just getting started. The client requires this project to find new possibilities in terms of the aesthetic, commercial and ecology aspects. Composed of the precisely crafted structure, plaza, and the waterscape, the overall design imposes the multi-layer of experience on-site. This Media Future Center has achieved its aspirations as the precedent and high bar among the newly built projects in Yangjiang City. Spaces created in this project, together with the architect design, overall offer a stunning experience for visitors to dream about the future life.



Design Concept

“Art of the Earth in Overlapped Light and Shadow”


Project Narrative

Located in Yangjiang City the southwest coast of Guangdong Province, this newly Public Center for the new neighborhood is surrounded by a large area of farmland, however, very conveniently accessible due to many newly built highway and fast roads. Unlike the “face-bashing” of mature products already everywhere in the nearby cities, the client requires this new project to find new possibilities and stand out in three aspects: 1) to establish the aesthetic high bar of the similar projects in this new area; 2) to maximize the commercial value with attracting supported with flexible ; 3) to build in the ecology friendly way with sustainability consideration.

Together, it needs to restore the vitality and value of the community, featured with functionality, beauty, and inclusiveness.

The whole site design is conducted with the morphology of “light and shadow”. Varies geometry modern and pure forms of structure define a series of the “future” feeling the landform design, structure, and the waterscape yard. Spaces are shaped with triangular patterns with white perforated plates; metals are all created with varies functions fulfilled.

The overall scheme is based on the undulating triangular artistic grass slopes decorated with Chinese Hackberry shows the pure and simplicity taste of the whole project. Small purple leaves and romantic flowers are all decorated carefully under the trees.

After passing the bridge, visitors would be attracted by the sound of running water, a delicate welcome structure appearing on the leaping grassy landform. Curved with the name of the project, the irregular triangular waterscape guides people with the far ways open plaza.

Layers of stairs are leading towards the central building. An integrated picture with mirror surface water reflecting the building further impose the impression of “light and shadow” by the unified triangular artistic grass slope with rocky stones, tree shadows echoing in the water.
The ground paving also adopts triangular modules which also continue from the front plaza into the backyard. The light moves with the shadow and changes in strange interests, from large and small triangular stepping stones on the water surface to the nearby sunken neighborhood reception hall. The sunshine lawn forms a unique enclosure space, adding a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Stroll to the open sunny lawn, sun shines on the lawn through the big trees, feeling the breeze, surrounded by the green, running freely.

To further set up the precedent model, the Sponge City strategy has been introduced to direct the water conservation with carefully directed rainwater and city water used at the waterscape and with the eco-friendly material pad as well as a restored system for later irrigation for the landscape use.
Through various technical approaches including “infiltration, stagnation, storage, purification, utilization, and drainage”, it realizes the benign hydrological cycle of the city, improves the infiltration, storage, purification, utilization, and discharge capacity of runoff rainwater, and restores the sponge function of the city.

A clear vision, united design language, finely construction and eco-friendly construction enabled the Future Center truly precedent for other projects in the suburban areas of Yangjiang. With a relatively modest investment, the Media Center landscape design has become the public space both artful and flexible for different stages of purposes.



1. “Light and shadow” defines space and “earth” enriches the levels
2. A life scene experience of modern and pure future
3. Public green space – 01. Biodiversity ecological protection; 02. Application of sponge city concept



Soon, trees will flourish and the riverside park and municipal belt will be completed.

At that time, The Midea Future Center would have been surrounded by plants. We will be so devoted ourselves into the plant architecture, interior space, landscape and even our living in nature.

Designers are free to imagine and grow up with time and space.

Hello, the Media Future Center!




Project category: Public Project
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Design
Project location: No.80 Xinjiangtai Avenue, Dongcheng Town, Yangdong District, Yangjiang City
Design year: September, 2018
Year Built: September, 2019


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