Among the buzzing and bustling district of Thong Lor in Bangkok’s CBD, the landscape design at The Monument Thong Lor stands still for its pure tranquility offering the quality of living environment for the residents.
At the first visit to this site, the landscape designer team was first impressed by a group of the existing mature trees, the 5 giant rain trees, dominantly stood throughout the site.

Thanks to the vision of the owner, these existing trees were well preserved, carefully transplanted and skillfully pampered by the professional team, the comprehensive plan commenced at the beginning of the project throughout the design process and the construction management to ensure that we could deliver the over 60-year-old tree to the property.

The professional arborist has been involved in early period. Due to the important of these trees, they have been relocated into the suitable area with proper method. It is not easy to taking care the old existing trees in construction site but well done to the team. Nowadays it is no doubt that the preservation and the development can come in parallel with the multi-disciplinary approach if we aware of the process and understand thoroughly.

These gigantic mature rain trees have been transplanted to the garden as a feature. They have been well preserved and taken a great care for over 2 years since the construction commenced as well as ready to inherit to the residents.

The signature details inspired by the annual ring of tree, the curvilinear line was the design language creating the iconic signature. The landscape design has been conceptualized by the position of the existing rain trees creating the simple garden path with gentle level changes. The feature in the backyard garden was the modern tree house offering the shaded cozy corner at the ground and the open to sky terrace at the upper level. Also the pool at 2nd level podium standing on the iconic building has been designed to be well composed with the crown of the rain tree. The elaborate flow of functional spaces in the garden are intentionally encourage the residents to wander around their spaces called ‘home’.

To create the sense of living, urban ecology has been proposed for planting concept of this urban environment project. We are being considered to increase the virgin green area as much as possible rather than provide at limit require as others. Local plantings picked up at initial. Those plants must be tropical, kids friendly and pet friendly. Thus no chemical use for maintenance. Most of areas shaded under the giant trees, the planting selection provided as the required partial sunlight species to grow well in this condition. The color leaves plants have been selected to create a lively mood. We reasonably ensure that this project will help people for cooler climate and also release more oxygen. Furthermore, all solid surface material provided with awareness of human friendly. Because the objective to fulfilled family environment and pets are allowed to this residence.

Existing site condition was the 2-storey commercial building and 5 gigantic Rain tree. All the trees are more than 10 meter height with much spread canopy. They are very impressive and powerful. They become uniqueness key design and inspiration for our landscape. This site is very challenge to create the new design while keep the sense of place. The most important principal was all existing trees must be the inheritance to the resident.

Scope of work consist of 2 main areas:
The Frontyard, welcoming greenery perception. This garden was designed to promote the iconic building yet compose with the grand Rain tree as feature. No need other elements to compete with them. The design is simple but unique design language with layering of planting, jogging track, and pet park.

At The Monument Thong Lor’s backyard garden, TECTONIX illustrates the interpretation of the Thai traditional house and its garden to the landscape design concept integrated the various landscape settings and the lush greenery garden together with the preservation of the four existing giant rain trees. Thai houses are cool downstairs with the strong afternoon sun and raised above to keep people away from flood waters, also create space such for dining time till night. When there is no flooding, the space beneath the elevated floor is used as a daytime living room for the whole family.
Thanks to the hugh canopies of those gigantic trees embraced this court, created the shaded ambience and good for living in the garden every moment. The designer also propose the layer of the trees around the periphery to screen those tall building next door, so resident can enjoy the time with exclusive privacy.
As an iconic feature in the garden, the tree house dominantly stands in the tropical garden formed by the existing giant rain trees and a large greenery lawn. The simple walkway in loop circulates around the garden with gentle slope and level changes.

Name of the project: The Monument Thong Lor
Project category: Residential housing (High rise)
Project location: Thong Lor road, Klongtan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand
Design year: 2015
Year Built: 2019


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