The Residence at Tui Sensatori Barut Fethiye

Organic forms and appealing to adults are the most emphasized feature concept of The Residence Sensatori Hotel. The Project has 24,156   gross area  , which  Pool has been designed as a whole , island shaped places are designed to connect all places over the swimming pool with each other by a main bridge . Pool draws attention with amorphous shape which resembles a natural lake. Sunbathing on deck and shallow water pools ,swim up rooms ,buried bar in the pool and the scenic square was transformed into a visual feast under influence of landscape architecture has been provide to guests several spaces around the pool. An aquarium effect was procured by providing a transparency with rending the walls by using acrylic glass at infinity swimming pool. That makes underwater more visible and creates different view. On the local islands there are different zones and one of them is a pool bar and designed on the pool water level.

By this artificial island concept with bridges main pedestrian circulation path is created. Main connection is created between coast and enterance of the Hotel. On the west side of the bridge there is a circle shaped food court is located. The plants used in the Project are selected by thinking about climate changes and average temperature of the site to sustain green perspective and reduce water consumption. On the other hand the pedestrian paths are completely handicaps free and a handicapped person can reach everywhere in this landscape project. With the TUI SENSATORI concept, where visitors will have an innovative sport experience with alternative options, that make visitors energy will always be at the peak during the holiday.

Also suitable solutions are available for disable guests as well. Liquidamber orientalis forest around the hotel and the sandy beach provides integrity with the hotel building. Plants used in this project are more adapted to the climate of the region and broadleaf plants are used.

Project location : Kargı Mahallesi, 202 Manolya Sokak No:4/1 Fethiye / Muğla TURKEY

Design year: 2018

Year Built: 2019


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