The State Horticultural Show Landau by

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The State Horticultural Show Landau 2015 represents a model conversion project encompassing more than 27 hectares of land and a budget of 13 million Euros. The landscape architecture incorporates the unique features of the Vorderpfalz region, thus forging a close association with the location. It provides a framework for the future development of a new residential quarter as well as a sport and recreation campus on the grounds of the former military facilities there. A landscape axis proceeds from the urban area into the landscape, linking it to the Ebenberg Nature Reserve that borders the grounds of the State Horticultural Show. All measures address the successful integration of nature conservation concerns and recreational uses into an overall design concept.

The enduring “green scaffolding” for the development already provides an attractive residential environment , which harmonizes the mixture of listed barrack buildings and new housing constructions. In the center of the new district lies a sizable neighborhood park, at the heart of which is a pool of water with lush vegetation planted within.

The sport and recreation campus, which garners city-wide appeal, lies on the grounds of the former coal yard. The offering of “classic” play and sporting areas is capped off by large expanses for the practice of various trend sports. Its utilization is mindful of ecological considerations and is carefully integrated into the fold.



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