Reception, Return, Placidity, Repose, and Respite contribute to the creation of a restful home at UpperHills in Shenzhen, China. GravityGreen’s main objective with the public area design was to introduce a breathing space for cultured dwellers to shed the outside world before entering the residential blocks in the “Placidity” zone. Simultaneously planned with the complex’s facade and apartment towers, the atrium and the podium gardens bring serenity to the complex in a seamless setting.

Return — Atrium

The notion to enhance the resident’s return journey brings about a tranquilising Atrium. With a Ming verse in mind, the designers at GravityGreen re-imagined the scenery that slowed the poet’s footsteps, and stretched the residents’ course of return with a roadway going round a seemingly uncalculated series of reflecting pools, rocks and a Japanese pine upon entrance — Reception. A feature wall inside the main gate masks the interior and reinforces a sense of privacy for the residents. The rocks excavated from the building site resonate with the idea of Return and foster a connection between the residents and the very location UpperHills sits in.

Encompassing 1,800-metre square, the gardens were designed to encourage quiet introspection.

Repose — West Garden

To cultivate a reposeful atmosphere, the West Garden is a melange of textures, modest plants and topographical undulations that compose a miniature landscape exclusive to UpperHills. Taking on a bamboo grove to wrap the garden, GravityGreen created a secluded space where residents can unwind on a naturalistic lawn with only green plants and footpaths in sight. Shrubs made of Chinese Silver Grass and Purple Fountain Grass add raw beauty to the garden. The perennial grass were consciously chose for their meditative movements, a bold and visionary move for a luxury housing project on China’s soil.

Respite — East Garden

West Garden’s design language repeats on the east side. Reserved for resting, the East Garden forms a sunken garden with plenty of garden features, such as low walls, stone paths, an arch bridge and a small pool, to occupy its users. A terrace offers expansive views to the neighbouring Bijiashan Park.

Entrant office name: Gravity Green
Role of the entrant in the project: landscape design
Project location: Shenzhen,China
Design year: 2011
Year Built: 2016


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