The Wave is a low-budget and recyclable display garden at the 2020 Shenzhen Flower Show.

Within more than 20 display gardens at the 2020 Shenzhen Flower Show, the Wave is the only garden that can be used and reconstructed with the 90% of the items. In a visual-dominant flower show context, there is enormous waste where most of the garden materials are turned into the trash after the show is finished. Therefore, landscape architects think thoughtfully – reexamine the life cycle of a momentary garden and see it as an opportunity for art expression.

The landscape architects suggest a prefabricated module system, in which the module prototype is inspired by the texture of the ocean, which forms a backdrop to the city of Shenzhen. Through tilting and moving of modules, a field of “Wave” is created to simulate the ocean.

When people go into the garden, they sense like they are in the ocean of flowers. A gradient selection of flora from white, light blue to dark blue range with the modular planters, signifies the ocean wave. Colorful succulent plants with various shapes, together with colored herbs, represent the coral reef underneath the sea.

Bougainvillea and perennial flowers with different colors generate an atmosphere of tropical coast at the entryway of the garden. Bird of paradise (Strelizia reginae) is used as a buffer as if the “coconut trees” by the coast.

Besides the field of wave, two installations enrich visitors’ experience – the fishnet trellis and the wave pavilion. The fishnets dangled under the trellis are so soft that the light breeze effortlessly makes them swim like jellyfish. People could “kiss” the nets in certain elevations as they move with the landforms. The wave pavilion rolls up with the “wave”, with plants on the roof, and mirror-finish panels underneath the ceiling. The mirror mystically reflects different environments based on visitors’ locality and viewing angle.

The given construction period is extremely short (one month), with which the module system (composed of total of 335 aluminum planters) works perfectly. Landscape architects have optimized the construction details of the two installations, which are assembled without welding. With this assistance workers have been able to complete the construction/installation in advance when others are still working hard in finishing their gardens.

The Wave has been accepting over 5,000 visitors every day since its opening. It is loved by the publics for its lovely display, as well as its emphasis care on sustainability. With the highest award from the flow show committee, the Wave is voted to be rebuilt permanently as a mini garden in the park where the garden show is held, after the flower show is over.

Project location: Shenzhen, China

Design year: 2019

Year Built: 2020


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