Located in Yunyu District, Ma’anshan City, adjacent to the Ma’anshan Municipal Government, the project enjoys convenient transportation and well-developed urban entertainment, education, and medical care. Fully equipped with living facilities, the shopping malls, parks, and schools are accessible within 3 kilometers of the site.

Following the design concept of a meandering garden tour, the landscape design creates a free and relaxed space experience through an unconstrained design method. By shaping the terrain, the design practice stimulates the multi-sensory experience and emotional communication for the residents.

The arch over the gateway at the east entrance creates a hotel-style welcome landscape, combined with the 7-meter-high gate to create a glorious and joyful sense of returning home. Stepping into the gate, the designer connects the entrance with the interior of the site in the humanized form of a landscaped living room, where the owner can stay, rest, meet friends, take shelter from the rain, and feel a comfortable time of life.

In the open front field, the designer uses the ups and downs of the landscape wall to create a sense of randomness and unevenness. The water flowing from the undulating stone steps blends with the lush green plants, creating a rich spatial dimension and a bright experiential sense. The designer has built four scenes along the way to the central axis park, showing different living spaces, bringing multi-sensory experience and even emotional communication to the people in it. With a large area of greenery, the walking path is paved with curved ground tile, winding into the deep of the garden, like soaking in the green waves and enjoying the comfort of nature, thus stimulating all kinds of feelings. The pavilion surrounded by waterscapes presents the scene of visiting the garden, where the summer breeze gently brushes people’s faces, accompanied by the sound of gurgling water, expressing the poetry of life. The designer uses natural and gentle curves to reflect the natural vibe of community, creating a social space where people can gather, relax and communicate.

The meandering waterscape along the curves of the garden road looks like a small stream with a clear gurgling river. Dotted with small sculptures with light and flying posture, it encourages people to pursue the ideal life. The enclosed children’s playground adopts colorful floor mat patterns and challenging play equipment to create a themed children’s activity area which enhances the dynamism of the park.

Accompanied by children’s laughter, life becomes colorful, a homage to the promising future of the next generation.

Architecture offices involved in the design: TWAD Architecture

Location: No. 333 Zhongshan Road, Yushan District, Ma’anshan, Anhui Province, China

Design year: 2021

Year Completed: 2022


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