01/ Site

The project is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, on the west side of Industrial Avenue in Nanhai District. It is 1 km away from Liheng Station of Metro Line 12 under construction and 8.5 km away from the urban area of Guangzhou.

In the early design intervention phase, we considered many questions, such as: the impact of the adjacent high-voltage line towers on the exhibition center, how can the landscape borrow mountain resources on both sides? How to position the sales office? How to show off-site model houses? How to guide the landscape through the main road inside the site? The site is level, how to create a vertical landscape with experience? How can the relationship between architecture, landscape and interior be better integrated?
– Photos 1-2

02/ Thinking

Plane Deduction

Final plane
– Photo 3

Through the control of the overall layout of the building, the overall layout effect of the space is achieved, just like a landscape painting, creating a reverie mood of false and real changes.
– Photos 4-5

The sparse grassland and compact houses are the soul of the project.
– Photo 6

The art museum is the product of the continuous development of the civilization of the times. Art originates from life and is higher than life. Making the environment into an art museum is the starting point of design.

03/ Present

Modern art exhibition space
– Photos 7-10

Several white bodies were staggered on the grass slope, and several large pupa trees stood against it, as if entering the space area of the building. The simple and graceful strips lead us to another artistic realm.

Frontcourt sales space
– Photos 11-12

The white box of the building falls on a clean and rich site. The plants make the place full of vitality, and the water body makes the place more full of aura. The opening is clear, unified, natural, and concise. This is the first impression here.
– Photos 13-15

The architecture is pure, the landscape is pure, the materials are corresponding, and the light blends.

Natural waters
– Photos 16-17

Mountains, water show, the nature of reflection and the silhouette of light and shadow.
– Photos 18-20

The pure mirror waterscape reflects the pure architecture, the lush greenery, and white and green intersect.

Window of architecture
– Photos 21-23

The infiltration of the window view has become the most beautiful visual aspect of the interior. The beautiful branches and leaves of Jacaranda are natural and vivid.

Rippled watercourse
– Photos 24-25

Along the water, down the slope, simple linear water features, clean lawns, creating a quiet and empty atmosphere.
– Photos 26-27

The structured linear water features embellish the natural springs.

Art model room
– Photos 28-29

The turning walking experience combined with the white wall light belt creates an infinite daydreaming landscape atmosphere for the next space.
– Photos 30

Through the use of different shrubs and flowers and herbs to create a quiet and tranquil flower garden, it will make the fragrance clear and refreshing. Open your heart in the lush trees and feel the natural comfort.
– Photo 31

Natural beauty and art are interdependent. Nature and life are the standards of art. We write this moment with ideals and reality to express the highest admiration for nature, life, and art.

04/ Tidbits

Flower border construction process

Designers and workers plant and adjust vegetation to create the ideal flower border effect.




Project category: Residential Project
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Design
Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Concept Design: Phoenix Ji, Wilson Liu
Cooperative Design:
Tony Luo, Mark Lin, Ting Chen, Zhiwei Jiang, Jiahui Xu, Yangqing Wang, Hang Nan
Construction Design:
Tao Li, Xiaoli Chen, Yu Luo, Chengfeng Wang, Lijuan Luo
Project location: FOSHAN, GUANGDONG, CHINA
Design year: 01/2019-06/2019
Year Built: 06/2019-08/2019


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