The project is situated conveniently in the city center. The location boasted natural resources and is surrounded by natural landscapes. From the very beginning of the designing process, we have sketched out the emotions that we wanted to convey; a deeper imagination and an innate perception of light and air flow. We then proceed to sketch out the kind of materials that would capture and convey such distinct perception. The project utilised concise design languages, subtle metaphorical methods and light and shadow flows. The design extended the space and blurred the boundaries of space, making a boundless space that blended buildings, landscapes and interior together. It created a dreamy sensation that fuelled our imagination as we wander through the gardens, the corridors, and the water landscape.


The garden included several areas such as the foreground, the entrance, reception area and the sunken garden. These spaces overlapped so the audience can walk through them like a stream that flows through dispersed boulders. In the foreground, we can see that dancing shadows reflected upon the walls and the stream glistened in the sun. When we go into The Entrance,the long corridor showcased clean and crisp lines while blurring the boundaries of exterior and interior. As the sun moves from east to west, the light effect on the floor changes too. The view changes when we walk through the corridor during different time of the day; the contrast of light and shade create unique experiences for us in both day and night.

The sculpture “Dance of the Golden Leaf” is placed on the other side of the corridor; When the wind blows, the leaves are ruffled but the water is as still as a mirror. Strolling slowly into the reception area, the sound of nature is right before our eyes. The rise and fall of the mountain and the firmness of marbles are soften by the stillness of the water. In the Sunken Garden, the sculpture resembles the tidal waves, the gentle rise and fall are evidences of the breeze that blows across the water. The dynamic shapes bring a sense of liveliness to the space. The use of high-quality material demonstrated the richness of the project; and high-end marbles expressed a sense of luxury. Art is eternal; regardless of time and space. Light gives life to a space and bestows emotions upon it. We hope people to feel and experience a space through the contrast of light and shade.

Team: Jian Chen, Zhenghua Ren
Project location: No. 55, Wencui road, Shenhe district, Shenyang city, Liaoning province, China
Design year: 2018
Year Built: 2018


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