Transformation of Hjørring City Centre by

2024 Public Projects / Denmark / Built in 2023 /

Addressing climate challenges and the future of the city centre

The aim of this transformation project is to attempt to give a solution to the problems that small shops all over Denmark are facing due to the increasing popularity of online shopping and large shopping malls. The project utilizes rainwater collection as an active part of the city to bring more life to the shopping streets during the whole day and strengthen the future of local businesses. Our cities are facing problems with climate change and increasing amounts of rain, and the transformation of Hjørring City Centre focuses on securing the city against climate challenges of the future and prevent damage from flooding.

Activities and experiences in the city

The revitalization of Hjørring City Centre connects urban renewal and beautification with rainwater management and social activities in a way that aims to improve the life in the streets and bring the scale of the city down to connect more with its users. The path of the transformation expands and contracts through squares and pedestrian streets and the different places along the path are given new activities and identities that match the characteristics of the surroundings. Activities include small public oases for recreation, play and social activities, an amphitheatre for events and an active square with a skating rink. The different activities and public spaces are designed to invite in people of all ages to enjoy life in the city and support local businesses and cultural experiences.

The path of the water

Throughout the whole project area, rainwater management is utilized as an active part of the urban transformation as a way to create a greener and lusher city centre and attract more people to the streets. The water runs 1 kilometre through the city centre and springs from Sct. Olai Plads north of the city’s shopping streets, runs south through the pedestrian street Strømgade, crosses Springvandspladsen and continues down Jernbanegade, and finally ends in Mammutpladsen in a rainwater basin. The water’s path ties all the activities of the city centre together and promotes a green and lively city.

The transformation of Hjørring City Centre aims to serve as an example project of how we can adapt our cities to future climate changes and at the same time strengthen local businesses by utilizing rainwater management as a positive addition, that makes urban spaces more enjoyable for everyone.

Location: Sct. Olai Plads, Strømgade, Springvandspladsen, Jernbanegade, Mammutpladsen 9800 Hjørring, Denmark

Design year: 2019-2022

Year Completed: 2023 (phase 1)


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