Landscape Architecture – Tuch-Sarsgossi Ltd.
“The responsibility of the artist in society is like that of an educator, a thinker, a rabbi, a father, a prophet at the gate, a preacher.
It is his duty to preserve the things that have taken place. The artist must raise ideas, point out the direction, and continually flow like a stream within society.”
Itzhak Danziger, 22/7/1977

The firm of Landscape Architecture Ltd. – Tuch-Saragossi is located in the Lower Galilee since 1991, employs 9 landscape architects. Architect Tammy Wiener Saragossi (B.L.A, M.Arc) and Tally Tuch (B.L.A) are the founders and owners of the firm. The company deals with projects throughout the country. Our work includes a wide range of landscape architecture projects – from master plans down to detailed design. The base for our work derives from an inner position of striving and making the effort to design with responsibility towards nature and human kind, and with a long term vision in mind. Our firm works as a cooperating community. We feel that living and working in the Galilee, close to a natural setting reinforces our responsibility towards landscape architectural planning and design.


Baruch Reservoir Park

Location: Yizrael valley, Israel.
Approximate area: 3,000 Dunams
Completion of master plan: 2016
Photography: “Albatross”

The park is planned in an area in which water regulation and plant is needed for the wellbeing of the farmers and in order to prevent floods. The land appears as a big savanna, with high ground water, highly saltanated. The area is a center for bird watching and unique walking trails. The planning included process of public participation- residents from the area as well as public bodies in interest. The main challenge of the project is to weave the main components together. Hydrology, engineering, drainage, agriculture, tourism and landscape. The plan creates a sustainable park which integrates water management, ecology, preservation of natural values and making the accessible to the public, while connecting community to legacy and education. The master plan is a base for implementation of smaller projects within the big park.

Harod Spring National Park

Location: Beth Shean valley, Israel.
Approximate area that has been executed: 20 Dunams (from the entire park)
Completion execution: 2016
Photography: Alon Levita

Harod Spring National Park is known visited site for It’s settlement history, a lovely picnic and recreation by a water spring – a special and unique feature in a dray area. Through the years, an urbanite like swimming pool was built, strange to the national park. The project described is a result of a long process of persuading to change the swimming pool into natural swishing pools that don’t require a lifeguard, fences or railings, and are accessible to all population. This will emphasize the special character and atmosphere of the place. With the project’s completion, the site attracts many visitors and serves as a meeting place for the regional residence – Arabs and Jews, and visitors across the country.

Binyamina Quarry Natural Park

Location: Israeli coastal plain, beside Binyamina
Initiators: The quarry rehabilitation fund
Approximate area: 350 dunams
Implementation: 2017 (hopefully)
Photography: Amram Vardi

The park is planned in a big stone quarry. The rehabilitation plan began as a master plan, while the quarry was still active. There was a lot of development pressure concerning the area, but we succeed defining the place as a sustainable open nature park. The park will serve the regional residence as a nature park, emphasizing local ecology and rehabilitating the habitat of mount Carmel. Thanks to high ground water and drainage area a large vernal pool can be created with correlated habitat. The park contains areas with varied development levels, related to the open spaces. The park was planned with the cooperation of the local residence, representatives from the neighbouring authorities.

The Kishon Curve

Location: Haifa bay, Israel
Initiator: Kishon drainage Authority
Approximate area: 200 dunams
Implementation: 2015 and on going
Photography: Evgeni Pinson

The project aim is to treat the polluted river bed in site using bio-treating methods, in addition to dealing with the drainage problem in the site. It deals with one of the most polluted areas in Israel- the Kishon estuary. The site is located near heavy industries, and due to lower environmental standards, which were common in the past, the river bed is polluted by heavy metals and oil industry products. The river bed grounds were carefully ejected to a site of 200 dunams near the water where the special treating is taking place. This site is intended to be open to the public in later phase as a park which will combine leisure and educational activities. For many years, the water of the river was flowing in an artificial canal, and causing flooding problems in the nearby agriculture fields. for solving that issue another arm of the river was formed, as a reminder of the former river curve located there. It was formed with a special ecology care in purpose to recreate lost and endanger habitats of the river.

Jordan River Promenade

Location: Upper Galilee
Built in: 1995
Cooperating Artist: Tuli Bauman
Photography: Alon Levita

Hiking and biking trail along the Jordan river. The trail connects between kibbutzim located near the river and is connected to a regional schools nearby. The trail is made of concrete in order to withstand occasional flooding, and to fit Cyclists. Verses from the Bible that relate to the river are embedded in the concrete. Various sitting areas and observation points are located along it. The whole trail is shaded by trees and by a pergola made of local Basalt stone with vines draped on it. This project was created in collaboration with the artist Tuli Bauman, who lived in kibbutz Amir, by the promenade. His sculptures and art works are spread along the trail. The trail is also known as “Ami Trail”, named after a student from the regional school nearby, who was killed in a bike accident, in this location. A fair, in which local artists and craftsmen sell their works, takes place along this trail during the spring holidays.


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