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Our company has started to work in the field of Landscape Architecture in 1986. In 1993 she expanded their workspaces with the name Palmiye Landscape Architecture Ltd.Co. Today, freely to imagine, to realize the dreams and designs, into the authentic design, is for us extremely easy and exciting. Our designs and our crew is always in a never-ending race in itself. The company reached today justify to its incredible place in market because of her original studies in projects, applications, designs and manufactures of artificial rocks, a variety of materials supplies, implementations and consulting.


We have a young and dynamic workface comprising Landscape Architects,Architects,Interior Architects and technical drawing team.Our company not only carry out projects in Turkey,but also Works abroad;Greece,Libya,Egypt,Azerbaijan,Dubai,Qatar… and various countries in the World.Our company continous to grow in reputation and become a World’s leadding brand day by day.Our design office is open within working hours but our designs continue 24 hours with Tülay Tosun.Our vision is ;to raise and design our all Works as referance to become a World’s leading brand,to use the technology ,to minimize the World,to make all World countries take advantage of our designs.Our principle is ;Honest business,honset competition,to focus on success,to present the best and to actualize from dream to real.Our mission is ;to shed light on young generations with our love of proffession and our ideal.For this,we open our doors to students on summer seasons.


We have a studio which our key master staff and assistant staff manufacture palmrock and palmtheme products.We continue to put signature to various work of arts about product development,manufacturing and installation at home and abroad.


Belek, Antalya, Turkey / 43.000m² / Completed 2005

‘Kempinski Hotel the Dome’ is a pure work of art which we worked on and applied with great pleasure. 1 like this project very much. The concept is Selcuk Architecture and design elements echoing this style can be found throughout. üne such example is the “Crown door” incorporated into various designs of the landscape project such as the swimming pool, roads,and various landscape areas. Maintenance is carried but successfully with the same thoroughness by protecting the soft landscape concept. Therefore many thanks to Kempinski Hotel and the Dome investor and their staff. Dur palmex products are used to great effect at this project in both the roof of the massage houses and the pool bar. These were installed after the opening of the facility. in fact Kempinski Hotel the Dome is the first facility in which our Palmex products were used.


Aheloy, Bulgaria / 37.530m² / Completed 2019

Wave Hotel is our 37530 m² landscape architecture project designed in harmony with the architectural concept in Bulgaria.
The concept of our project is oblique. In this project where the movements on the facade are reflected in the landscape design, the main pools and ornamental pools attract attention. There is a show pool compatible with music that can be watched from the rooms and the lobby. Aquapark, aquatower, dry pool kids water game, kids club, pool bar, amphitheatre and coats are designed for the guests considering all the standards and considering every detail. The bridges and ramps on the main pool are designed for everyone and our disabled guests are considered. Located in the Black Sea climate zone, this facility has a Mediterranean effect and Mediterranean vegetation has been used for this purpose.


Crete, Greece / 5.000m² / Completed 2005

In this project we utilised the whole of the existing area making use of ali the available space. We took great pleasure in the details of the design and are very proud of this masterpiece. Due to the gradient of the slope being 60 percent this has the effect of enhancing the design so it becomes more fantastic. This project designed on a sloped site and we started to think about the morph of the terrain. We decided to design this pools and aquatowers adapted with the morpholgy of the site. The pools are arrenged with the levels of the terrain and created falling waters between the leveled pools. So morph of the terrain inspired us the flying bridges which connects the leveled pools and platforms. Some of the details that we design for, Pool Bar, Snack Restaurant, Theme Mini Golf, Wood Structure. We also used our trade mark Palmrock Artificial Rock System. Fodele Beach Waterpark wins different design and tourism awards every year.


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