Twin Akrz situated at Bukit Jalil, Malaysia with perfect location for view overlooking the Bukit Jalil Park and Kuala Lumpur City View with two blocks of 34-storey towers with 363 units of serviced apartments and SOHO. It is constructed within a 2 acres footprint with 60% of green area provided.

Design Concept

Inspired by the ark a symbolic of self sustainability, and conservation with the extended idea of waves and water elements to uphold the ark vessel concept. To match the architect facade, the ground floor landscape is designed to carry seamlessly to the facade. The whole Twin Arkz development concept is to enable environmentally, socially and commercially self-sustained.

Landscape Zoning

There are 3 main zones in this development: Wave Zone at ground floor, Aqua Zone at podium floor and Sky Zone at roof top.

1. Wave Zone: To float the ark, the wave of water are designed on the ground floor with the integration of the driveway wave lines and the shrubs planting lines to provide a very welcoming design effect to the lobby and drop off area.
2. Aqua Zone: An avant grade vessel swimming pool with 360° overflow, finish with glow in the dark tiles. Mist play, wading pool and dry fountain are placed closely to the pool to represent an extensive aqua zone area. A sky pool was designed to capture 270° view of the Kuala Lumpur City. This zone we designed to have a comprehensive of social activities for the residence – a socially self-sustained.
3. Sky Zone: The highest two levels with perfect 360° view. The lower level is utilized for organic self-sustain farming plots and the ark deck is readied with function facilities open area. The Sky Zone are designed to hold parties and wedding yet some isolated corners and used for relaxing hammock garden.

Design Consideration

This development have very small footprint for landscape area; therefore, the developer undertake the public road shoulder area to form the landscape arrangement seamlessly into the development. An existing driving range that produce unwanted noise are camouflaged with water features soothing flow sound. Wind and lighting is always the main elements to be carefully considered at Bukit Jalil area. We have to omit trees planting area at the Sky Zone to avoid any danger elements. To form a self-sustained organic farming with only applying organic fertilizer and biological control for pest.

Environmentally Sensitivity Measures

Dust and noise are screen off with thick shrubs between the lobby and the road. Wind and lightning for high levels, trees are planted with some safety distance from railing and some are omitted. To induce a sustainable environment for the residence, an organic farm is designed to recycle the landscape debris with compost bins.

Social Aspects

* Community meeting place – aqua zone with swimming pool, wading pool and dry fountain.
* Multipurpose outdoor court which combine basketball court and tennis court in one.
* Green connectivity with the pavilion by using climbers and planter surrounding.
* Sky lounge deck, another function facilities floor for community with Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Jalil park view.
* Eco-kitchen – a place for the residents to hold small functions.
* Pick and Cook area – fresh produce are planted to support the organic farming.
* Cooking herbs and medicinal planting area to introduce and educate the residents the usage of plants.

Why this project should be awarded?

It is a dream of the developer to create a healthier way of life in this project. To achieve this a comprehensive sustainable development was planned to support the iconic title – Twin Arkz. It is one of few design of high-rise building with environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable within the development. The green area provided are luxuriously and landscape design ideas are compliment well with the soul building. To enchant the environment sustainable idea, we induce some of education value by introducing herb and medicinal plants in this project. It should be a life to be lived.

Entrant office name: HODA DESIGN SDN. BHD.
Role of the entrant in the project: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT CONSULTANT

Other design firms involved: W DESIGN ASSOCIATES (ARCHITECT)
Design year: 2013
Year Built: 2016


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