We are a team of adventure architects who create opportunities for fun and laughter from the ground to the treetops. Our vision is to imagine and design joy, adrenaline, and challenges for each unique landscape. We never use templates: no space or customer is the same. Instead, we thrive on creating one-of-a-kind parks and playgrounds designed to satisfy our customers’ specific needs. Based on their particular preferences and space, all structures and obstacles add beauty with function. In urban areas, UNO Parks reforms busy city blocks into active leisure places of community. With our focus on enhancing human interaction and connection, seeing the benefits of these spaces brings fulfillment and motivation to our own small community.

Our different teams from design to construction are five fingers of the hand, but together we form a fist, that finds solutions to every problem. Even in the hardest and most stressful moments our team stays positive, smiles, and works together not just to overcome but to find the ambitious answer. UNO Parks’ regional reputation for fresh products and quality work brought us global contacts and contracts at several international tradeshows. As a result, our innovatively designed adventure parks and playgrounds are operating in the USA (New York, Alabama, Florida), Asia (China, India), and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar). Currently, projects are being added to our international network in Australia, Brazil, Israel, France, Sweden, and Latvia. What we first envisioned as an entertaining feature back home ended up becoming our primary competitive advantage in the global market. UNO Parks develops custom designs for each and every project it creates—this is the UNO way.

An adventure park in Hiidenlinna

LOCATION: Hiidenlinna, Finland
TYPE: outdoor family adventure park
BUSINESS PROBLEM: The owners of Hiidenlinna Castle wanted to attract more visitors and provide a rounded experience for visitors to stay longer. SOLUTION: We created an outdoor family-oriented adventure park designed to incorporate the surrounding trees, ski museum, and restaurants. The project’s core objective was to provide visitors with a range of sensual experiences, from extreme adventure to ultimate relaxation, all within a limited space. We developed an array of outdoor adventure play areas that included rope courses, monkey bridges, zip-lines, tree houses, and a tree terrace. Guests can stroll through the woods along joined bridges, navigate obstacles set among the trees, or fly over the marvelous Scandinavian forest on a zip-line. The area is 1.5 ha and includes 39 various obstacles/games in varying difficulty levels with wandering canopy walks creating unusual access to the park’s routes.

Miami Midtown6

TYPE: playground on the terrace
BUSINESS PROBLEM: There was no area for a children’s playground for an apartment building. SOLUTION: The common rooftop terrace will be used to create a modern and sleekly designed playground for children. As the Miami sun is harsh and constant, we designed this playground with rooftops over every zone to create areas of shade for children to escape the heat. The playground contains these zones: safety flooring with funky shapes and happy colors, a playscape with small colorful hills that are perfect for exercise and games, a rope maze, a net maze which is one of the most exciting elements for kids, a big tube slide waiting for those who dare to climb up, and a climbing wall for the most active and brave ones.

Recreational function and adventure mix

LOCATION: Goa, India
TYPE: Recreational zones and Adventure Park
BUSINESS PROBLEM:  The area was a problematic location with a ravine in the middle. During the rainy seasons the ravine fills up with water but in the dry seasons it is empty.
SOLUTION: We designed an outdoor adventure park with houses on poles hanging over the middle of the ravine. We used the unique seasonal features for an additional element: in the rainy season visitors feel they are in a floating house, while in the dry season they feel the height of a tree house. Climbing is a healthy, active and very popular entertainment for both children and adults. The adventure routes are of different complexity and thus enjoyed with the use of a harness as well as the balance of the whole body and all muscle groups. There are 8 different complexity routes with more than 160 various obstacles/games and an especially large amount of zip-lines, totaling 15. Two of these span across the entire area. The adventure park ranges from 1-12 meters above the ground.

All of the structures and materials are tree-friendly, visitor-friendly, and environment-friendly. Our concept for the adventure park and initial plans are oriented to visitors of different ages and the adventure routes were designed so that all visitors could climb among the poles and enjoy the landscape view.


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