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With the 2016 State Horticultural Show the city of Eutin has shown a good example of how a city that already benefits from an extraordinarily favorable location between two lakes can significantly enhance its identity through targeted interventions. Attractive, useable open spaces and new networks of paths at Großer Eutiner See bring the city “back to the water.” The rediscovery of the lakeside areas will be a boon for tourism and location marketing and heighten citizens’ identification with their city.

Eutin is a regionally significant residential and commercial location. The old town and inner city, characterized by half-timber construction, classical buildings and the baroque moated castle, is situated between two picturesque lakes, the Großer Eutiner See and the Kleiner Eutiner See. The region’s positioning within the Holstein Switzerland Nature Reserve makes it a favorite tourist destination of northern inland Germany. Despite its prime location, the unbuilt urban areas along the lakeshore, with the exception of the historic Schlossgarten (castle garden), offered little in terms of design or recreational quality. The water was given little or no priority; there was no network of paths and, more glaringly, no real sporting or recreational opportunities for families and young people. The landmark-protected Schlossgarten suffered from a disproportionately high demand for its use.

The citizenry was engaged in dialog to incorporate their concerns regarding the opening of the city to the lake, invigorating and improving access to the areas along the water, and creating new possibilities for recreation. The basis for the new landscape design was the Integrierte Stadtentwicklungskonzept (Integrated Urban Development Concept, ISEK), which was adopted in 2012 as an informal plan for the forward-looking and sustainable overall development of the city. The competition design by A24 Landschaft was realized as part of the third Schleswig-Holstein State Horticultural Show in Eutin in 2016. The result is a newly interpreted, overtly contemporary cultural landscape. The current design makes conceptual reference to the 18th- and 19th-century garden that surrounds Eutin’s baroque lakeside castle. The landscape garden‘s visual axes, which incorporate the lake, are conferred as a principle of the overall design. The hitherto barely perceptible links between the city and the lakes form the basis for experiencing the open areas beyond the reach of the Schlossgarten. The emphasis on the location’s extraordinary spatial qualities strengthens the city of Eutin’s profile from outside and from within. In terms of the area’s demographic transformation, Eutin’s appeal for young families is equal in importance to becoming a greater draw for tourists.

Landscape architect: A24 Landschaft
Client: Stadt Eutin
Construction period: 2013-2016
Construction costs: 7 million euro
Total area: 9,5 ha

Images: Hanns Joosten


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