Urban Luxury Garden


The garden is located about 15min drive from Tel Aviv center, a 24/7 city, highly attracted due to its beautiful sandy beaches, and the reach cultural lifestyle it offers. The small 350 square meter land, completely surrounded by dense urban environment, is located in a luxurious grand houses neighborhood in the middle of the biggest heart beating metropolis of Israel.


Designed for living and entertaining this unique garden has all the elements for creating great family memories.

Set on a small-scale parcel of land disabled to open large spaces.

Instead of that- small and accurate lawn, and generous stairs for level changes were planned to give the feeling of a larger space.

Despite the scale, it was important to provide intimate spaces in the tailored courtyards flowing off the formal rooms of the home.

For these, several custom water features were design and constructed along with detailed pavement and other material changes. A high-level outdoor kitchen was design and installed enabling entertaining to be an ease for guests but most importantly the hosts.

Back yard

With the pavilion and the sunken Jacuzzi at the center of the design it allows great connections between all the spaces, whilst the outstanding gazebo being an architectural feature from the home.

At the entrance to the back yard, the inclusion of a generous outdoor kitchen, along with open eating table and the lounge area provides the perfect space to gather.
The garden extends out from the deck towards the Paspalum lawn and ensures that the connection between the cook and their guest is maintained at a high level. it epitomizes modern outdoor living.

water features Terraced

With the incorporating long terraced rectangular entrance – the opportunity was seized to make the focal point of this area a unique water feature providing a grand entrance statement. Displaying a 3-different rectangular tiered effect with hidden water fountain, waterfalls and ponds, interest and movement are provided regardless of the viewpoint.
Hedges compliment the formal architecture of the house, and the formality continues through to the next tired fountain. This hand crafted piece, made out of natural stone, was placed to complete the desired atmosphere.
These fountains create strong impressive, yet calm, in the garden. The wonderful sounds of the water protect from external urban noises, screening the outside for those entering the entrance gate. This, while creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere for the owners and their guests.

Outdoor lighting

In this project was wide scale use of outdoor lighting to give a cozy and warm atmosphere, also to serve and enjoy the yard in the evening.
Long led stripes were used to highlight level changes underneath the stairs line. Tall retro glass path lights, contributing another aspect of the design, also during day light, transferring the total design of the interiors to the outdoor.
Tall stand alone columns with detailed light source at the top, are taking major part at the garden to light up roofless central areas as the sunken jacuzzi and the front lounge.

To intensify the water flow effect at the 3 different rectangular tiered water feature – underwater spotlights were placed under and forward the waterfalls to reflect on the side brick wall.

Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape architect and developer- Ginun Al Rama

Architecture offices involved in the design: Itzik Izenshtein interior design

Project Location: Israel, central district , 15 minutes away from Tel Aviv

Design year:2021

Year Built:2021


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