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Spread across 4 acres, Setia Alam is a newly developed township in Shah Alam, Selangor, which is planned for a population of 150,000. As it avoids major earthworks and reductions to the natural environment, this extensive township development aims to be sustainable by conserving the waterways and retention ponds and putting them to positive usage. Approximately 20% of the township is dedicated to parks and green spaces, not to mention the waterways, wetlands and streets with avenue plantings. The network throughout the development seamlessly connects the neighborhood centres and meeting points. The park is also well complimented with commercial shops.


Design Concept – The Green Terrace

Setia Alam Urban Park is designed to be a part of the green terrace network and waterway in Bandar Setia Alam. This environmentally-friendly development is in line with water retention requirement of the local authority with unsightly concrete monsoon drains being replaced with calm waterways, wide, gentle slopes, and meandering earth swale, as well as wetlands. Each area can be utilized for landscape and recreational purposes.

Nestled within the commercial development of Setia Taipan and the high-rise residential development, the 1km long urban park provides a green space for the community to meet and relax and also part of the green network and the waterways which connect to other community hubs.

Designed for both passive and active usage, the park is sectionalised, with an open plaza in the centre. Towards the south east are the play areas, terraces, basketball court and exercise stations, while towards the north west sector are the wetlands, which is part of the water retention pond, designed to provide walking trails, pavilions, and a sanctuary for local wildlife.

Landscape Zoning

There are 3 main zones in this project: Active Recreational Zone, Amphitheater and Wetland Zone.

1. Active Recreational Zone: Located on the upper section of the park, this is the most active area, connected to both residential blocks and commercial centres. The design emphasis is on clean functional spaces with jogging paths, terrace gardens, playground, featured walls, exercise stations and sport court.
2. Amphitheater: The amphitheater zone breaks the park into two parts, with more active putsuits in the upper section and passive/nature conservation area towards the lower part of the park. This section is the central space for hosting massive urban carnival or celebrations.
3. Wetland Zone: Wetlands, which is part of the water retention pond, designed to provide walking trails, pavilions and a sanctuary for local wildlife.

Design Consideration

Numerous design considerations were taken into account when creating Setia Alam Urban Park, especially environmental sensitivity, which was a top priority when making land profile modifications, and additions to the terrain, in order to enhance the park’s potential. Rocky terraces were formed and we classified each terraces with respectively active zone, amphitheater and wetland zone.

Among these issues was the creation of wetlands and the reinvigoration of the natural streams, via ingenious plantings which protect the rocky slopes, on both sides of the waterways, by introducing climbers and other compatible landscape elements. In the south east section of the park, active recreational zones such as playing fields and additional public spaces such as amphitheater was designed to hold large functions.

Environmental Sensitivity

* Slope protection – rocky slope are protected with climbers.
* Retention ponds converted to natural swale and wetlands
* Typha plantings attract wildlife even dragonfly and egrets.
* Provide shade and green breathing spaces for the nearby high-rise residential area
* Slowing storm water flow and combating flooding
* Aesthetic value – well design shelter and viewing decks.
* To provide a commercial activities for the shops near the park.

Socia Aspects

* Community meeting place with a large amphitheater.
* Sport and recreation with futal court and playground area.
* Green connectivity with planting of palms, trees and shrubs.
* Elevate overall township image and property value.
* To enhance commercial activities for the shops.

It is a great opportunity to design a park with good consideration of active sport, social grouping facilities and ecological conservation. The 4 acres land contributed by the developer to create a park for the residents and commercial shops is a very luxurious action. It was a very rocky area to turn the area into a green value park. It takes multitude efforts. This Urban Park of Setia is not just a socially design park, it covers great active sport activities and conservation value too. A wetland was created in the park to create habitat for flora and fauna. The presence of migrating bird such as egrets and stokes are priceless education to the young generation.


Entrant office name: HODA DESIGN SDN. BHD.
Role of the entrant in the project: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT CONSULTANT
Website: (video link) https://vimeo.com/219040730
Other design firms involved:
Design year: 2013
Year Built: 2015


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