In 2013 02landscape got the assignment to plan the new park in Vallastaden, called Paradiset (Paradise). The park was a part of Vallastaden in the winning proposal Tegar (Allotments) by Okidoki architects. With the basis in the theme of allotments, and the historic pattern of the landscape, 02landskap has created a park that will be an important meeting-point in this new part of Linköping. It contains spaces for cultivation, play and recreation. The park has a layer-upon-layer structure. Low undulating hills border the surrounding flat landscape. Along with trees and hedges, this creates an embracing spatiality to the park. Further layers of paths, ditches for water management, cultivation plots and wooden fences strengthen the character of the park. Larger park trees are scattered on the hills, while fruit trees are planted in rows in between the cultivation plots, which in their turn are framed by pruned hedges in a variety of species. The main entrance is marked by a wooden portico. There are places to sit and places to play distributed throughout the park. There is also a wooden roofed dance floor, and a small pond with a jetty and a firepit for barbeques. All wooden details are painted in the same mild green colour to give them a subtle kinship. A main aim with the park is to offer a space that enables people from different walks of life to meet, both in daily life and for celebration. It is a park where you can potter about in your allotment, take a walk with your dog, meet your friends for a picnic, go for a school outing, dance around the midsummer pole, have harvest sales – simply make the park your own back yard.



Entrant office name: 02LANDSKAP
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape architect, Planning and designing of a new park.
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Okidoki architects
Project location: Vallastaden, Linköping, Sweden
Design year: 2013-2015
Year Built: 2015

Architect: 02landskap arkitektkontor ab
Pusterviksgatan 13
413 01 Göteborg
Contact: Ulrika Gunnman,, 0707 33 12 85
City plan: Vallastaden
Art: Michael Johansson och Stefan Klaverdal
Sub-consultants: Ramböll (construction), Belpro (light), ÅF Infrastruktur AB (yttre VA)
Client: Linköpings kommun
Type of contract: Construction contract/utförandeentreprenad
Entrepreneur: Befab
Size: ca 40 000 kvm (4 ha)
Cost: ca 20 Mkr
Time of construction: 2015-2017

hotographer: Måns Berg


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