During the spring of 2018 the city of Stockholm (Stockholms stad) in collaboration with Nivå carried out a community dialogue survey in Vårberg. The local residents were invited to take part in the decision-making process on how best to spend the budget in order to create a safe and secure physical environment. Different community proposals were combined to arrive at a plan to upgrade the existing Vårgården park and playground in the centre of Vårberg. Nivå were commissioned to develop a proposal for the execution of the park redevelopment.

The park, which had been run-down, became a safer environment and was given a new lease of life through the addition of new features, routes and lighting. The design of all new facilities was guided by the place and the wishes of the community. At the centre of the park, a generous open gathering area was created with seating, barbecues and a large canopy for shade. Today, Vårgården acts as a meeting place within the neighbourhood, with space for play, sports, celebrations, barbecues and community gardening.

Project location: Vårberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Client: Skärholmen City District Administration and Stockholm City

Design year: 2018-2020

Year Built: 2020

Photography: Robin Hayes


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