A brand new park is located in the area of a formerly renowned factory walter/motorlet in prague 5, CZECH REPUBLIC. The park offers a wide range of exciting places and activities for everyone and it also reminds of the rich local history by using elements from the demolished buildings and a system of information boards. We can divide the park into two different parts according to the character: “The Linear park” is made from scratch on the site of former factory buildings and the more natural “Park on the hill” converts a site which used to be full of dense vegetation.


The linear park has a rather flat surface (with just a slight elevation towards The park on the hill) and it spreads among the newly constructed apartment buildings and houses. The ground is covered with fresh green lawn supplemented with a large bed of colourful perennials and many new trees and bushes. The vegetation is under regular maintenance. Everyone can find their favourite place there – children will definitely appreciate an original aviation-themed playground while adults can get active using the fitness facilities or rest on comfortable benches around a unique fountain shaped like the legendary aircraft engine NZ 60.

The park on the hill with its 16 meters cant stands on the highest point of Waltrovka and it reminds of the authentic local landscape. It is a piece of nature in the middle of the new development. The original big trees and grass growth were preserved and supplemented with new domestic trees and flower meadow. The meadow is maintained by gradual mowing so that there is always a part kept high enough for insects and small animals.

The main asphalt path is well illuminated and lined with benches incorporated in a gabion wall. Another more natural path made of gravel leads over the hill along many attractive places. There are for example natural wooden play elements, a pavilion inspired by a propeller, original bunker from the WW2 and a viewpoint on the roof of the bunker. One of the play elements is made in memory of a deer, who used to live on the hill after the factory stopped working. Other elements reuse some pieces of the old factory in a new way, for example a playful “landart snake” or a wall and stairs for sitting in a natural amphitheater.

Role of the entrant in the project: General Projectant – cooperation of TERRA FLORIDA and 2KA
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Hřiště.cz – cooperation on play equipment
Project location: Barvitiova ul. 158 00 Praha 5 – Jinonice Czech Republic
Design year: 2013 – 2016
Year Built: 2016 – 2017


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