On the edge of Prague, sits a ship-like house just above the Vltava. With no direct sight of the river, the presence of water is still strongly sensed in the surrounding landscape. The idea of meandering waves weaved on the sloped terrain as the steam boat floats on top dominated the concept for this modest sized family garden. These waves would be reflected in the reformation of the terrain and curvy shapes of evergreen shrubs that soften the edges of the garden. While the house- the steamer- is anchored high above it all.

On the south side of the house, marks the car garage into this residence along with a cozy space for a productive garden. Elevated by a natural stone wall and guarded by the crowns of apricots and peaches, a patch of vegetable beds highlight the first pit stop in the voyage this garden will take you on.

If you decide to follow the path into the productive garden, you are led into a linear garden along the long eastern facade of the house, a completely different world opens up. Pines, sumac and rhododendron clouds – shine against the backdrop of a wall and fence setting in a beautiful colorful canvas of contrasting textures and leaves.

You are faced with steps, which ascend you to the first deck – the roof of the house with a large stone terrace and a swimming pool. Adjacent to the pool terrace is a small area of green roof, dominated by grasses, cane, fescue and cavities, as well as in boxes at the highest level of the roof. The holiday atmosphere is underlined by the pool, a palm tree in a container, and bamboo growing through the roof of the atrium. The view of the main part of the garden is then exposed as a green sea foamed by yew bushes.

No doubt, suddenly we look at the large long waves of the ocean with the foam of the smell of salt, the front garden on our right plays with the colors of a coral reef.

In the northern part of the garden we find a hidden simple parking space for a car paved with chipped cubes and the daily entrance to the house. Passing that, an informal path will lead you into the main garden from another perspective, entering the green sea (the lawn) from within the waves themselves.

In the smaller corners there is a place for a bench, a fruit tree, a sink, and a small swimming pond, the so-called puddle for a dog, which is a great lover of water.

We are happy when we are entrusted with creative clients who appreciate art, design and possibilities. As they built their steamboat house and filled it with artefacts from their travels and journeys around the world, this garden is now their home base that can be experienced as a daily cruise of their new days to come and savor with their grandchildren.

Architecture offices involved in the design (if any): (house architect) KoOA architekti

Project location: Prague, Czech Republic

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2018



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