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The charming villa located among the rolling hills of Bardolino offers an enveloping atmosphere thanks to its location surrounded by fields of vineyards and olive trees typical of the region, along with a lush variety of vegetation.
The villa fits politely into the surrounding building fabric, offering a contemporary reinterpretation of the compact two-level residential typology typical of Lake Garda. The building typology and the use of natural basement cladding material give solidity and materiality to the whole. By contrast, the first floor, fully glazed, introduces a contemporary character without detracting from the solidity of the whole and opening up the 360-degree view of the landscape. The different material treatment of the two levels enhances the dual soul of the villa, which combines tradition and contemporaneity, materiality and lightness, compactness and continuity with the landscape.
A horizontal cut separates ground floor and first floor by raising the latter from the basement thanks to the support of the central stairwell that acts as a structural pillar: the mirror treatment of the intermediate floor soffit emphasizes the separation between basement and first floor by creating an unexpected play of reflections that reflects the surrounding garden on the ground floor ceiling.

The building in question seeks to create a continuous connection with its surroundings, especially with the outdoor garden. This connection is reinforced through the use of alucobond creating reflective mirrors, which are clearly visible from the ground floor, in order to establish a harmonious connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The garden is reflected inside the room through the ceiling by generating surprise and a sense of peace.

The client, who was won over by the splendid panoramic view of Lake Garda, expressed a desire to enjoy this view from each of the three bedrooms. The staircase block extends to the roof level of the villa, allowing for extraordinary panoramic views of both the lake and the beautiful surrounding coastline. In addition, the roof has a large glass window that can be opened by a special mechanism, facilitating the passage and accentuating the interaction with the outdoor environment.

Architecture offices involved in the design:
ARDIELLI FORNASA ASSOCIATI (Concept – Architectural project – Artistic supervision);

Location: Bardolino, Verona – Italy

Design year: 2019

Year Completed: 2023


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