The investors’ courage, passion and forward-looking outlook helped us create this timeless residential garden landscaping for a multi-generational family.

The few hectares garden arranged with leisure and recreational and usable interiors, is a creative development and continuation of the existing classicizing architecture, regularly ordering the landscape to the rhythm of the elevation, drawn on the plan of interpenetrating circles.

A powerful form of designed flattening is a several-meter-high Renaissance-style mound, one of the important viewpoints on the walking path. A look from the hill shows a geometric interplay of circles accented by flowing water and rows of wooden pergolas where wooden platforms facilitate observation of the water system.

We begin our walk around the residential landscape with, the unmistakably accentuating the border, entrance gate. Then we head along the southern frontage of the residence to the upper garden. On its terraces we discover a rich geometric parterre of water, fountains, olive trees in pots and floral compositions. In the lower garden, in addition to equally beautiful parterres, there are cut lawns and meanders of rosariums. Floral forms are of particular interest to the owners. The flowers are the most delicate and ephemeral garden material. In landscape gardens, decorative plants rarely cover significant areas; here they grow by surprise into strong forms that accent a balanced composition. Species of shrubs, grasses and perennials create different scenery of impressions. The autumn colors of the spindels and sedum beds fit in with the leading burgundy color scheme of the project. The evergreen cushions of the dwarf pine ‘Mops’, also the soaring forms of the caucasian spruce ‘Aureospicata’ complete the composition of the residential establishment. Collections of roses and rhododendrons provide blooming and rich color for most of the year. The delicate surroundings of grasses contrast with the gray sandstone of the retaining walls. The dominant part of the garden is occupied by a vividly green lawn, interspersed with a geometric arrangement of paths and flowerbeds. The clear and intentional diversity of plant species was meticulously composed by the project authors.

The aforementioned usable part, an ecological closed-system – ecosystem, is a modern vegetable garden with an impressive greenhouse, a striking orchard and a chicken run. Convenience in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits is provided by vegetable raised-beds, which in early spring are filled with a blaze of colours of bulbous plants – tulips, narcissus.

The organic crops so eagerly seen on the table of the owners arouse the envy of seasoned gourmets, connoisseurs of freshly harvested herbs and lovers of home cooking in the best sense of these words.

The garden, as the years go by, with bigger and bigger trees, changes its character and transforms into a romantic park. Each new season surprises, encourages exploration, meditation and walks.

Location: Poland

Design year: 2019

Year Completed: 2022


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