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“Yeongdo Modern History Trail Map ‘Walking the Traces of the Hundred Years of Yeongdo’” is a project to develop a new form of local culture activities and tourism resource content by making a map that displays the traces of history in the current locations in the current locations based on the old map, which is a historical record, and at the same time create local tourist centers and a public information hall and offer a local culture guide program.

This project began when we acquired a map of the original Busan downtown 100 years ago.

This project began when professor Yeongjo Kim, Landscape Engineering Research Lab at Dong-A University acquired a map of the original Busan downtown 100 years ago and published “Urban Landscape of the Contemporary Yeongdo” He and CAT confirmed the traces of modernity that still remained throughout Yeongdo with the map from 100 years ago and old photographs, and began planning to use them as historical and cultural resources. This project is a basic work to remind everyone the preciousness of the historical urban landscape and preserve it by making everyone aware of the existence of disappearing modern heritage.

In search of the traces of the disappeared modern landscape.

Yeongdo is the only autonomous island in South Korea. Throughout the Japanese colonial period, the World War, and the Korean War, the island has seen dramatic changes in the scenery of the city infrastructure. Since then, as it enters the modern society, it is constantly transforming into a new city. Accordingly, we sought to find and preserve the traces of the disappearing modern landscape and cultural heritage of Yeongdo and promote its historical value.

Providing a new concept of exploring the city while imagining a shopping street in an alleyway 100 years ago.

This project, proposed to the Yeongdo-gu, started with the production of “Youngdo Modern History Trail Map” in 2018, has been completed with the “Youngdo Modern History Trail Map Guide-Guide Book”, comprehensive information facilities and installation of the copper plates on the ground, and the remodelling of the “Youngdo Modern History Trail Exhibition Room” in August 2020. Currently, Yeongdo-gu offers the “Yeongdo Modern History 100 Years Trail Tour” together with tour guides using the trail map.

Yeongdo-gu devises ways to make the tour more convenient to tourists and provide tour guide education materials by designing the tourist centers to explore the modern history trails of Yeongdo, and producing maps and guidebooks related to the modern history trails of Yeongdo.

-Published the Yeongdo Modern History Trail Map and a tour guidebook

-Developed two tour trail courses, installed ground copper plates displaying the traces of history

-Remodelled the Yeongdo modern history exhibition room on the 2nd floor of the Yeongdo Tourism Guide Center

-Reproduced the traces of stores owned by Koreans in 1932 with copper plates on the floor

-Traces of the modern Yeongdo people found on the 100 years of Yeongdo road

Creating an exhibition hall to explore the trails

We reorganized the second floor of the “Youngdo Tourist Information Center”, a base for exploring trails, as the “Youngdo Modern History Exhibition Room” to create a support space for a more systematic tour.

In the Yeongdo Modern History Exhibition Hall on the 2nd floor, a large modern map on the floor of the exhibition hall, materials related to the modern history of Yeongdo and the Yeongdo Bridge on the wall, and the foundation stakes of the pier pillars and tram sleepers that were collected when the Yeongdo Bridge was dismantled are on display.

Guide facilities for visiting

Guide facilities for the tour are 2 general guide boards and 4 types of floor copper boards installed in 85 locations. A 100-year-old old road in Yeongdo was discovered through overlapping analysis and field surveys of modern and current maps, and the locations of industrial and commercial facilities that existed in Yeongdo in the modern period was confirmed through literature data analysis, and ground copper plates are installed at these points. did. A ground copper plate with the name of the store, industry and the store owner is installed in front of the store site operated by a Korean in 1932, allowing people to imagine the appearance of the Koreans who were engaged in commercial activities alongside the Japanese at that time.

Paper map and guidebook

Yeongdo Modern History Trail Map is 420mm×297mm in size (A3, double-sided color), and the guidebook is produced in a 130-page pocketbook format.

Tour course

The trail consists of two courses, A and B. The starting points of each course are the “Youngdo Tourist Information Center” and the ‘Kkangkkangi Cruise Ship’, both located on the beach, and both courses have been created as walking courses of 1.5km (about 40 minutes in slow steps).

Other landscape architecture offices involved in the design of landscape: professor Yeongjo Kim

Architecture offices involved in the design: No.

Project location: 75, Bongnaenaru-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

Design year:2018~2020

Year Built: 2020




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