Yin Xiu Residence: Outdoor Galleries for Contemporary Living by

2023 Residential Project / China / Built in 2022 /

Nestled between twelve contemporary residential towers of glass and steel in the heart of Hangzhou, the landscape component of the project is conceived as a series of exquisite “Outdoor Galleries” carefully placed to not only exhibit “high-design” fit for luxury development but also to engage the resident both emotionally and physically actively. The intervention aims to be minimalistic but not sterile, simple but sophisticated, and balanced between the man-made and the natural. Through the critical composition of space, materials, and a restrained palette, the galleries and the seamless transition between spaces are articulated through the contemporary use of water, planting, and the simple passing of light, shadows, seasons, and time.

The client hopes to develop an aesthetically modernist project with a tranquil atmosphere. Modernism has an elemental spirit: to remove all unnecessary decoration, and all the creation starts from function and composition. It creates tranquillity in the space at the same time. If applying the same logic to the modernism of landscape and thinking about its composition, nature becomes the core element to create tranquillity in a landscape.

The light, the seasonal change, the temperature, and the growth in nature, all these above could be the elements to create tranquillity in a landscape. The tranquillity of landscape works with motion, creating a calming yet dynamic image where people can be immersed, touched, reflect on themselves, and enjoy movement stability.

The tranquillity presented in Yin Xiu Residence creates dynamic images, and people feel connected to its artistic concepts. An “Outdoor Galleries” is then becoming the daily life for the residents of Yin Xiu.


Water is chosen as the core element to represent Hangzhou’s waterfront lifestyle. Through three bodies of water, the design team created three distinct experiences.

Yin Xiu Entrance
The first water feature defines the main entry. It’s the first doorway of Yin Xiu Residence, setting the tone for the entire project. When residents arrive here and walk through the door, the space’s steadiness will calm their minds, and they walk through the art gallery-like courtyard in a peaceful, leisurely manner.

Verdant Pool
The second water feature is located in the middle of the site and is the core of all the activity spaces. Continuing the elegance of the entrance, this space presents simplicity when looking out from the clubhouse. The panoramic view is like a beautiful painting scroll surrounding the double-deck entrance, filled with ample greenery. The minimalist design is carried to the 60-meter-long cascading water, bringing tranquillity and serenity to the residents.

The Magnificent Pond
The third water feature is dedicated to a joyful and relaxing lifestyle. The water is laid out from east to west, implying the connection to the sunken space and the second water body on the west side. The north side of this water is connected with the open floor of the building, integrating both spaces’ activities and creating a relaxing, downshifting, elegant, and iconic look.

Architecture offices involved in the design: SCDA
Location: Hangzhou, China
Design year: 2017
Year Completed: 2022


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